Overseas Territories & Unrecognized States

Name all the autonomous, dependent, crown dependencies and other entities based on the governing country.
Quiz by Dhamo9585
Last updated: August 14, 2022
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First submittedNovember 24, 2015
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Governed by
Argentine Antarctica
Ashmore and Cartier Island
Australian Antarctic Territory
Christmas Island
Cocos Island
Coral Sea Islands
Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Norfolk Island
Chilean Antarctic Territory
Cyprus & Turkey
Northern Cyprus
Faroe Islands
Åland Islands
Clipperton Island
French Guiana
French Polynesia
French Southern and Antarctic Lands
New Caledonia
Saint Barthélemy
Saint Martin
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Wallis and Futuna
South Ossetia
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Sint Eustatius
Sint Maarten
New Zealand
Cook Islands
Ross Dependency
Governed by
Bouvet Island
Jan Mayen
Peter I Island
Queen Maud Land
Donetsk People's Republic
Luhansk People's Republic
United Kingdom
Akrotiri and Dhekelia
British Antarctic Territory
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands
Isle Of Man
Pitcairn Islands
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Island
Turks and Caicos Island
United States
American Samoa
Bajo Nuevo Bank
Baker Island
Howland Island
Jarvis Island
Johnston Atoll
Kingman Reef
Midway Island
Navassa Island
Northern Mariana Islands
Palmyra Atoll
Puerto Rico
Serranilla Bank
Virgin Islands
Wake Island
Level 62
Apr 27, 2020
Level 66
Apr 27, 2020
what about Serbia?
Level 66
Jul 5, 2021
If you are referring to Kosovo, they are an independent state
Level 39
Apr 8, 2021
i give up after seeing UK and US
Level 60
Jul 3, 2021
Super quiz; learned a few things as well. Pretty harsh with the required text entries, though; I would accept Akrotiri, as I always see it called that. I also tried North Cyprus and St Maarten, which you could consider accepting. Was close with "Johnson Atoll" and "Alan Islands" but I suppose I can't complain about getting those wrong. Great stuff overall, nice one.
Level 66
Jul 3, 2021
Appreciate it. Akrotiri or Dhekelia is now accepted, as well as St. Maarten/Saint Maarten. As for Northern Cyprus, I can't change it because Northern Cyprus is the official name.
Level 59
Jul 3, 2021
What about Ceuta and Melilla?
Level 66
Jul 3, 2021
Ceuta and Melilla are part of Spain in Africa. Spain does not consider them as an overseas territory.
Level 93
Jul 20, 2021
For Spain you could add the three ''plazas de soberanía'' (Alhucemas islands, Chafarinas islands and the Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera).

Plazas de Soberanía

Level 75
Mar 28, 2022
Hmmm. Spain may not consider them an Overseas but I do and so does Morocco. For that matter, France does not consider French Guiana an overseas territory. The quiz needs some consistency.
Level 57
Jul 3, 2021
Can you accept US Virgin Islands?
Level 66
Jul 3, 2021
Wouldn't that make it longer than it already is?
Level 81
Jul 3, 2021
This is a good and comprehensive quiz (nominated), but some type-ins would greatly improve it. BVI and USVI at a minimum.
Level 66
Jul 4, 2021
BVI and USVI now accepted
Level 58
Jul 3, 2021
I don't think Mariana has an s on it
Level 66
Jul 4, 2021
Level 46
Jul 3, 2021
You should accept "Northern Mariana Islands". I don't think there is an s anyways.
Level 66
Jul 4, 2021
Level 63
Jul 3, 2021
I think Hong Kong and Macau should be added. Also, what about Donetsk and Lugansk 'people's republics'? They are the same unrecognized states as Nagorno-Karabakh or Somaliland.
Level 66
Jul 4, 2021
Hong Kong and Macau are special administrative regions with different methods of administrations but they are Part of China. The 2 Ukrainian disputed areas are now included
Level 86
Jul 15, 2021
Maybe all just Luhansk and Donetsk? When those didn't work I didn't try any further permutations.
Level 66
Jul 15, 2021
Level 69
Jul 3, 2021
Cool Quiz, but I think it could improve greatly from having a listed consistent source. Right now the line at what you consider a territory/autonomy is arbitrary. You include most overseas territories, but not other partially autonomous regions like Hong Kong, and you do include French Guiana (Which France insists is not a colony or territory, but a complete part of France) but not Corsica or Ceuta and Melilla. You include Svalbard but not the different claims on Antarctica.

I'm not listing individual claims here, and I don't think it's very productive for you to decide case-by-case what does and does not belong on this quiz as it is brought up. A listed source such as This Wikipedia List or This Other Wikipedia List would be very helpful for quiztakers who might not have the same idea of what does and does not belong as you.

Level 66
Jul 4, 2021
Hong Kong and Macau are part of China called special administrative regions, and they are recognised by all countries. Cueta and Melilla are autonomous cities, not a region or state per se. Corsica is now included. There are claims on Antarctica listed here but I have added more. With regard to France's claim on Antarctica, it is part of another overseas territory, so I did not separate them Many territories in the list you mentioned have autonomous governments but not autonomous states in their own right. So I am refraining from adding them.
Level 73
Jan 23, 2022
Alsace shouldn't be on this list.
Level 66
Jan 23, 2022
Level 51
Nov 14, 2022
where's idaho
Level 23
Feb 1, 2023
Excuse me, first of all Johnston Atoll and the other islands are all part of Us Minor Outlying Islands. This wouldn't bother me if not for so the fact that The French Southern and Antarctic Lands are one territory.

Clipperton Island is also a part of French Polynesia

Virgin Islands counts for the US Virgin Islands but not the British Virgin Islands and as a shortcut Antarctica territory and Indian Ocean Territory should work without British needing to proceed them. Same thing with other ones. You also mentioned autonomous regions but ignored the many in Spain like Basque Country and Catelonia, which are what I immediately think of.

Pls fix

Level 54
Mar 6, 2023
Please accept Artsakh for Nagorno Karabakh.