Statistics for Great men and why you should hate them

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He hired another man to work for him to invent the lightbulb for himself. It is said that all the things T.E was said to of made was his worker who did. Then T.E made everyone think his worker was crazy and the worker died alone.T.EThomas Edison
He was very racist and he formed groups which did not involve people that were colored. (28th American president)W.WWoodrow Wilson
Had an affair with his slave and denied many more affairs He did not care about his children.T.JThomas Jefferson
He told Martin Luther King Jr. to kill himself. He send a package to King's house and said to kill himself in 13 days or else. He also framed people for the death of KIng.J.E.HJ. Edgar Hoover
He chained her in his basement, possibly in a straitjacket and forbidden to see her childrenP.HPatrick Henry

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