Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Read the descriptions for each game and then type the name of the Game in the corresponding box.
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The answer can be any Sonic Game that is part of the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise. Only one game per box.
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Description for Game
Name of the Game
Sonic saves a bunch of colorful aliens called 'Wisps' and uses their powers to stop one of Eggman's schemes.
Sonic Colors
Tails goes on an autoscrolling adventure to stop an enemy named Witchy the Witchcart.
Tails' Sky Patrol
A spin-off where Sonic has to stop Eggman by going through pinball tables to collect blue chaos emeralds. Came out on the Genesis and the Game Gear.
Sonic Spinball
Play as three characters at the same time, Contains a formation system where each team has a Speed, Power, and Flight formation. It was the first Sonic game for the PS2 and Xbox.
Sonic Heroes
Sonic gets warped into a medieval story and uses a talking sword to fight save the day.
Sonic and the Black Knight
A game starring Knuckles the Echidna and his pals as they team up to collect Chaos Rings. This was the only Sonic title for the 32X.
Knuckles Chaotix
A Sonic the Hedgehog fighting game based off of the Virtua Fighter series. It was exclusive to arcades until it appeared in Sonic Gems Collection.
Sonic the Fighters
This Sonic game introduced Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. It also featured Chao Garden and 3 separate story modes. One of them you had to unlock.
Sonic Adventure 2
The first Sonic game for the Nintendo DS. This game featured both Sonic and newcomer Blaze the Cat as playable characters.
Sonic Rush
This game was made to celebrate Sonic's 20th year in gaming. The game let you play as both Modern and Classic Sonic.
Sonic Generations
This was the first game that let you fly as Tails. It also made you collect a hundred rings in order to enter a special stage.
Sonic Chaos
This was the only Sonic game to be released on the forgotten Neo Geo Pocket. A handheld from the last 1990's.
Sonic Pocket Adventure
This was a spin-off staring a popular Sonic character. The game featured gun mechanics and vehicles. It also sported multiple endings with only one being canon.
Shadow the Hedgehog
This Sonic game was the first to feature the now praised "Daytime Stage" gameplay which allowed for fast and streamlined 3D Sonic gameplay. Sonic also transformed into a "Werehog" at night.
Sonic Unleashed
This game was only released on the Sega Pico system. It was an early education games staring Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Eggman. The game first came out in Japan in 1994.
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