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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Quizmaster55.
# of Quizzes 152
# Subscribers 10
Times taken 52,767
Quizmaker Rank # 640
6,6812017-12-20CLASH OF CLANS QUIZ (UPDATED FOR 2017)
5,0392018-01-05CSGO Terms Quiz
3,4532017-12-23Stranger Things Ultimate Name Game
3,4042017-05-11Finish the CSGO Skin
3,2882019-05-01Avengers: Endgame- Final Battle Quiz
2,9742019-05-11Avengers: Infinity War Quiz (SPOILERS)
2,1542021-05-20Shameless US Character Name Game
1,6612022-07-03Stranger Things: Death Quiz (1-4)
1,5372016-04-21Harry Potter Groups (By Cooper)
1,3512019-02-28Fill in the Blank: Netflix Original Shows
1,0082018-03-30The Infinity Stones Quiz
1,0082022-06-19The Boys: Supes Quiz
9072022-07-06MCU Superhero Teams
5892022-10-03CSGO Awpers Quiz
5852022-08-03Stranger Things: Song Quiz
5802016-08-23Groups of Things-80s Movies
4872023-07-17Rapper by Debut Album Quiz
4862018-01-15MCU Movie by Heroes
4722017-04-03Walking Dead Ultimate Name Game
4372017-04-03Walking Dead: Ultimate Death Quiz (S1-7)
4062016-03-17Videogame Series
4052016-11-02Walking Dead Couples Quiz
3332018-04-03MCU Heroes and Villains by Real Names Quiz
3322017-02-19Finding Nemo/Dory Typing Challenge
3202018-03-192018 NRL Captains Quiz
3172017-12-20Word Search: Marvel Heroes
3092022-02-07One Word Marvel Movies
2922020-04-05Marvel Movie Actors
2852016-08-06Marvel Ultimate Name Game
2842016-08-05Word Scramble-X-Men
2812022-07-03The Boys Death Quiz
2782023-07-10Rappers by 3 Albums Quiz
2762017-04-03Walking Dead Parents
2702016-02-16Halloween Characters
2592017-08-27Game of Thrones Terminology
2472019-01-22Actors from Marvel and DC Quiz
2392016-08-05Christmas Characters
2372016-11-02The Simpsons-Character Episodes
2362016-07-28One Word Disney Movies
2312017-04-03Walking Dead Locations
2222018-02-07Game of Thrones Characters by Victims
2222018-04-03Marvel Cinematic Universe Teams
2122018-04-27Marvel Actors by Movie
2082016-08-01Marvel Movies by Number of Words
1992022-08-07Ultimate MCU Death Quiz
1982017-11-23Walking Dead Analogies
1882016-08-04The Simpsons Ultimate Name Game
1742017-03-19Counterparts: Marvel and DC
1712018-04-27Marvel Movie by Locations Quiz
1672018-03-07Country Flags: Zoomed In Quiz
1622022-10-15McJuggerNuggets Characters
1582022-05-18Game of Thrones: Ultimate Death Quiz
1572017-06-29South Park: Stick of Truth Class Quiz
1572022-07-06Stranger Things: Ultimate Character Quiz
1562017-03-12Marvel Villains by Actor
1532017-12-20Word Search: US States
1512021-08-27CSGO Country by Players Quiz
1432017-12-18The Hangover Character Quiz
1412016-08-23Disney/Pixar Love Interests
1412017-05-18Word Search: Countries
1352018-09-19Game of Thrones: Ultimate Nickname Quiz
1332017-02-19Four Letter Disney/Pixar Characters
1312016-08-24Famous Fictional Animals
1282017-05-16Walking Dead: Season 7 Characters
1282017-09-04Game of Thrones Swords
1262017-04-03Walking Dead: Savior Quiz
1242017-11-23Disney and Pixar Movies with Names in the Title Quiz
1222018-04-29Marvel Planets Quiz
1212022-10-03CSGO Players by Teams Quiz
1212017-12-18Superheroes and Villains by Multiple Actors Quiz
1162017-10-20Walking Dead: 3rd Battle of Alexandria
1142017-08-03Cartoon Duos
1082017-06-19Regular Show-Every Character
1052017-03-12Alliterative Marvel Characters
1052022-05-04Ultimate Marvel Actors Quiz
1042017-04-05Walking Dead: Kingdom and Hilltop Members
1042017-09-04Harry Potter Terminology
1032017-12-122017 Year in Review
982017-12-20Superheroes by Number of Appearances
922020-03-08Ultimate CS:GO Pro Player Quiz (2020)
902018-04-03Marvel: Last Words Quiz
872018-03-01Disease and Disorder Acronyms
872016-08-01Two Word Disney Movies
862017-02-16Big 4 Teams with Animals in the Name
842016-08-03Pixar Movies by Number of Letters
792018-05-27Deadpool 2 Character Quiz
762021-12-16Spider-Man MCU Characters
762018-04-27Marvel Cinematic Universe: Voiced Characters
732018-02-07Pokemon Go: All Items Quiz
722017-11-06Superhero Ultimate Name Game
722017-10-15Walking Dead: 1-4 Lettered Episode Titles
692016-10-31Pixar Ultimate Name Game
632017-12-19Country Border Chain #3 (The Americas)
622020-07-20NRL Multiple Choice Quiz
612016-11-09Profile: Sheldon Cooper
602017-12-19Country Border Chain #1 (Europe)
602017-10-19Finish the Negan Quote
592016-10-11Finish the Pringles Flavour
592018-01-09Rappers By Real Name Quiz
582016-10-29Rick Grimes-Every Human Kill
572018-01-03US State Border Chain
572017-06-19Big Bang Theory Ultimate Name Game
572018-02-07Pokemon Go: Team Quiz
562022-09-13Cobra Kai: Returning Characters
562017-09-04Harry Potter-Species
562017-12-23Country Border Chain Quiz #4 (Africa)
552016-05-22Stardew Valley Fish
542017-02-15Simpsons Episode Parodies
522022-12-21CSGO: 2022 Quiz
522017-12-19Country Border Chain #2 (Asia)
472016-05-17Groups of Things-Stardew Valley
472016-11-20Pixar Movie by Human Character
452022-05-04Color in the Name: MCU Characters
442022-11-18"The" Bands
432018-03-10Featured Rapper Bacon Puzzle
422017-12-22"A Group of Kids" Movie Quiz
422017-06-19DC Ultimate Name Game
422018-04-29Races of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
402016-11-02Regular Show-Character Episodes
402018-12-09Epic Rap Battles of History: Every Rapper Quiz
382018-01-03A Countries: Complete the Table
362023-02-21CSGO: 2023 Teams by Nationalities
352017-12-17Movie Groups-Name the Members
352017-11-272010's Superhero Movie Quiz
312018-02-27Finish the Meme: 2017
302016-02-11The Quidditch Quiz
272020-07-23Fictional Bird Species Quiz
262018-04-08Ultimate Video Game Character Quiz
262017-04-03Hidden State Abbreviations-Historical Figures
262022-07-06SCRAMBLED: 2022 TV Shows
232018-03-11Company Founders Quiz
222023-02-24CSGO Players by Letter: A
222017-07-21TV Show Pilots Quiz
212022-07-10MCU: Song Quiz
202020-07-24NRL One Club Players
162017-04-13Big Bang Theory Nickname Quiz
152018-04-17Alliterative Big Four Teams
152016-06-16State of Origin Blues Players (2010-2014)
142023-02-25CSGO Players by Letter: D
142023-02-22CSGO Players by Letter: B
132017-10-10Town of Salem Roles
132018-01-31Albums of 2017
122023-02-25CSGO Players by Letter: E
112023-02-26CSGO Players by Letter: G
112023-03-01CSGO: Four Letter Players
112023-02-26CSGO Players by Letter: H
102018-04-13Gummy Character Quiz (Updated for 2018)
102023-03-01CSGO: Three Letter Players
102023-02-26CSGO Players by Letter: J
92023-02-25CSGO Players by Letter: C
92023-02-25CSGO Players by Letter: F
32017-12-12Kick-Ass Heroes and Villains