Quizzes by anubis101

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user anubis101.
# of Quizzes 23
# Subscribers 1
Times taken 12,030
Quizmaker Rank # 1,943
2,6232013-09-15Final Fantasy VII
1,7722015-07-20Godzilla Monsters
1,4712014-07-23Final Fantasy X
8882013-09-26Final Fantasy VIII
7492015-07-22WWE Catchphrases
6692013-09-15Final Fantasy IX
5822015-07-20Godzilla Movies
5632015-07-18WWE Trivia
4832015-07-18Final Fantasy VI
3352016-01-07WWE Trivia 5
2902015-07-18WWE Trivia 2
2672015-09-16WWE Trivia 4
2412013-09-15Final Fantasy XIV
2382013-09-15Video Game RPGs by System-SNES
1992013-09-27Final Fantasy I
1952015-09-26WWE Trivia 3
1502013-09-15Final Fantasy IV
1092013-09-15Video Game RPGs by System-PS2
902013-09-15Final Fantasy II
472013-08-19Mega Man 7
362013-09-15Mega Man 8
222013-09-15Mega Man I-V
112024-04-29Calvin and Hobbes Trivia