Final Fantasy VII

Three dimensions? What is this madness?!
Quiz by anubis101
Last updated: September 15, 2013
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Who is the protagonist?
Cloud Strife
Who is the villain?
Who has a gun for an arm?
Barret Wallace
What little girl did ^ adopt?
What flower girl operates out of an abandoned church?
Aerith Gainsborough
Who is the protagonist's childhood friend?
Tifa Lockhart
What technologically advanced city do they live in?
What rebel group is fighting the Shinra Corporation?
What kind of energy is Shinra dangerously mining?
What magical item is made from ^?
What elite fighting group were the protagonist and villain part of?
What organization recruits for ^?
The Turks
Name all four members of ^.
What sentient canine-like creature is the last of his kind?
What spunky ninja is a descendent of Shinobi?
Yuffie Kisaragi
Whose memories was the protagonist infused with?
Zack Fair
Who is the villain's "mother?"
What double agent commands a giant stuffed moogle with a megaphone?
Cait Sith
What is the world's greatest amusement park?
Golden Saucer
What is the protagonist's hometown?
Who is found in a coffin in the Shinra Mansion?
Vincent Valentine
What chainsmoking pilot dreams of being an astronaut?
Cid Highwind
Where does the dramatic exit of the protagonist's love interest take place?
City of the Ancients
By what name did the ancents refer to themselves?
What term refers to the living energy of the planet?
What seven massive robot-like creatures does the planet call upon to protect it?
Diamond Weapon
Emerald Weapon
Jade Weapon
Omega Weapon
Ruby Weapon
Sapphire Weapon
Ultimate Weapon
Who is the villain's biological father?
Professor Hojo
What is the villain's planet-destroying spell called?
What is the only spell capable of countering ^?
What is the protagonist's first sword called?
Buster Sword
What platform was Final Fantasy VII originally released on?
Sony Playstation
Who composed the music for Final Fantasy VII?
Nobuo Uematsu
What year was Final Fantasy VII released?
Level 82
Nov 7, 2017
I loved this game so so much... and while it's been 20 years since I played it I'm still disappointed that I only got 28 right. I couldn't remember any of the Turks and I kept trying the Returners for the rebel group... realizing after the quiz was over that this was from Final Fantasy VI. Most satisfying gaming experience of my life was finishing this game... beating Sephiroth... and then promptly playing it over 5 more times... finishing off Jade and Ruby Weapon... good times.
Level 66
Jan 2, 2019
Yeah, this game was awesome back in the day. I have replayed it since then, and while the graphics are pretty hard on the eyes now, the rest of the game holds up fairly well. This was the last Final Fantasy game I really completely enjoyed. The latter games aren't all bad but they're just different in a way that doesn't really appeal to me.
Level 66
Jan 2, 2019
I missed Marlene, Omega Weapon, and Holy. I remembered Barrett's adopted daughter but I couldn't remember her name. I actually only remembered four of the Weapons but was able to guess two more. And I knew there was a White Materia to counter the Black Materia but couldn't remember the name of the spell it contained.
Level 92
Jul 21, 2022
Don't think I would have done as well (or remembered Dyne's name to try him in the gun-arm slot) if not for the game being re-released for the Switch. The game has held up spectacularly well; my kids quickly became obsessed when I bought it.