Final Fantasy VIII

Finally, no more Popeye-armed sprites!
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Last updated: September 26, 2013
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And 3-D was taken to a whole new level.
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Who is the protagonist?
Squall Leonhart
Who is the villain?
Who is the unwilling puppet of ^?
Edea Kramer
What new battle system allows the player to draw spells out of enemies?
Junction System
What aspiring journalist becomes president of Esthar?
Laguna Loire
What term refers to the three military training academies?
Which branch does the protagonist attend?
Who is the protagonist's instructor?
Quistis Trepe
Where does the preliminary test take place?
Fire Cavern
Who is the protagonist's headmaster?
Cid Kramer
What martial artist has a passion for hot dogs?
Zell Dincht
What former Galbadian soldier is an amateur actor?
Kiros Seagill
What elite military force recuits students from their final exams?
Who financed ^?
Who disobeys orders during the first mission?
Seifer Almasy
What cheerful girl loves trains?
Selphie Tilmitt
Who is part of a resistence faction in Timber?
Rinoa Heartilly
What marksman is a consummate ladies man?
Irvine Kinneas
Who loses his voice?
Ward Zabac
What pacifist town is built around a defunct train station?
Fisherman's Horizon
What is the name of the airship?
How far back in time do the "flashbacks" take place?
17 years
What is caused by the overuse of Guardian Forces?
The main characters were raised in what type of institution?
Where is the prison that's holding Sorceress Adel located?
Lunar Base
What giant crystal pillar rests beneath the ocean?
Lunatic Pandora
What event does ^ trigger?
Lunar Cry
What device is the villain using to possess people in different times?
Junction Machine Ellone
What is the embodiment of the protagonist's idea of the most powerful force possible?
What is the villain's ultimate black magic spell?
What is the name of the card game?
Triple Triad
Who invented ^?
What song is sung during the ending?
Eyes On Me
What is the protagonist's sword called?
Gun Blade
What platform was Final Fantasy VIII originally released on?
Sony Playstation
Who composed the music for Final Fantasy VIII?
Nobuo Uematsu
What year was Final Fantasy VIII released?
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