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62,2452018-12-29 Countries of the Spanish Empire
31,8512021-08-23 WWI A-Z
15,2472017-07-03US States & State Capitals
10,1512016-12-23 Christmas Carol Lyrics
5,7692021-08-23The Napoleonic Wars
3,6882016-05-28Historical Groups of Things
3,3792016-04-03Groups of Two- History
3,3432015-10-30US States & Capitals - Two Minute Speed Run
2,9872021-08-23American Civil War A-Z
2,2952016-09-19Groups of Three- History
2,2382016-01-078th and 9th Century History
1,9972014-10-12The Scientist Lyrics
1,9502016-11-14Countries of the French Empire
1,9442014-10-0510th Century History
1,7712015-02-08World War Two A-Z
1,7462018-04-04African Geography by Letter- C
1,6672014-09-06Countries of the Portuguese Empire
1,4562014-07-03Pacific Countries and Territories
1,4252016-02-22African Geography by Letter- A
1,4002015-01-23African Geography by Letter- B
1,3952015-02-13Home Alone Quotes
1,0642016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- A
1,0442017-03-27Famous Battles
1,0442015-01-23Famous Deaths
9682016-02-10Coldplay Songs: 2000-2015
9422015-01-05Countries & Capitals of Oceania
8682015-03-21American Revolution A-Z
8492021-08-23European Physical Geography
8402015-02-14Ernest Hemingway Novels
8072016-08-28Provinces of the Roman Empire
7872014-10-10Hamlet Quotes
7862017-07-12Elvis Presley Songs Quiz
7772016-08-28Shakespeare Quotes Quiz
7132016-01-24First Names of Poets Quiz
6802016-08-28Famous Generals of History
6592016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- C
6372016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- B
6242015-10-07The Z Quiz
6072014-10-13Yellow Lyrics
5892015-06-06Commanders of Famous Battles
5852016-02-11African Physical Geography
5532014-10-11African Countries by Population
5002016-08-28Indian Ocean Countries and Territories
4932014-10-10Easiest & Hardest Jetpunk Answers
4702014-07-13The Y Quiz
4692017-10-01African Geography by Letter- D & E
4632016-02-11Units of Measurement
4112016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- D
4092014-07-14The W Quiz
3782014-07-12Atlantic Territories
3762016-02-14Longest Rivers by Continent
3732017-07-12Fleetwood Mac Songs Quiz
3732016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- T
3652016-08-28The Ottoman Empire
3412014-10-12Asian Countries by Population
3382014-12-23State Capitals Closest to Washington, D.C.
3372015-01-22Ongoing Armed Conflicts
3142014-06-07Commanders of Famous Battles #2
3132016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- S
3072014-04-05Biblical Judges
2992016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- P
2972017-06-07U.S. History by Letter- F
2912016-11-16U.S. History by Letter- M
2842017-06-07U.S. History by Letter- H
2782014-10-09European Countries by Population
2752015-03-21Rulers of Israel and Judah
2672014-03-03The X Quiz
2532019-01-09The Beatles Lyrics 1966-69
2262016-09-04U.S. History by Letter- R
2052017-06-06U.S. History by Letter- W
2032014-11-30Canadian Provincial Capitals
1832015-02-16Current Heads of State
1712016-08-12Christmas Carols #2
1552016-02-09TCD's Name the War
1492016-05-02Presidents Who Didn't Serve in the Military
1422015-02-22History of Egypt
1272014-11-27Easiest & Hardest Jetpunk Answers #2
1262019-01-07First Lines of Bob Dylan Songs
1202015-04-14Historical Acronyms
1082016-02-11D-Day Trivia
1072014-12-06European Countries & Capitals
1052019-01-09The Beatles Lyrics 1963-66
742014-12-24World Leaders in 1600
722014-12-11Highest Point by Country
682016-04-09World Leaders in 1900
672018-07-05Eagles Discography
342022-01-05James Brown Albums
342014-12-27The V Quiz
292017-08-14Top Jetpunk Users A-Z
212019-01-07The Band Lyrics Quiz