Famous Generals of History

Based on the clues, type in these notable generals of history.
Quiz by thecoolestdude2
Last updated: August 28, 2016
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Egyptian pharaoh, victor at Kadesh
Ramesses II
Founder of the Persian Empire
Cyrus the Great
His invasion of Greece ended at Salamis
Xerxes I
Conqueror of Persia, died early
Alexander the Great
African great fond of war elephants
Defeated the above at Zama
Scipio Africanus
Surrounded Alesia, had campaigns in Gaul
Julius Caesar
Raided the Roman Empire from Central Asia
Attila the Hun
Brave English king/crusader
Richard the Lionheart
Nemesis of the Crusaders, Sultan of Egypt
Creator of the vast Mongol empire
Genghis Khan
Defeated the French at Agincourt
Henry V
The Maid of Orleans, burnt at the stake
Joan of Arc
Defeated the Aztec Empire around 1521
Hernan Cortes
Samurai who united all of Japan
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Swedish king of the Thirty Year's War
Gustavus Adolphus
"Old Ironsides" of the English Civil War
Oliver Cromwell
Transformed Prussia into a major nation-state
Frederick II
Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army
George Washington
Betrayed the American cause
Benedict Arnold
French general/emperor who revolutionized warfare
Napoleon Bonaparte
Liberated many South American nations from Spain
Simon Bolivar
British general and duke, defeated France at Waterloo
Duke of Wellington
Captured Mexico City with the Veracruz Campaign
Winfield Scott
Leader of the Red Shirts during Italy's unification
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
Robert E. Lee
Stood firm at First Bull Run, later lost his arm and died
"Stonewall" Jackson
Launched the bloody Overland Campaign, took Vicksburg
Ulysees S. Grant
Seized Atlanta, made the March to the Sea in Georgia
William T. Sherman
Famous Briton who lived with rebel Arabs in the Hejaz
T.E. Lawrence
"Black Jack" who was the US commander in France
John Pershing
Leader of the Free French, later president
Charles De Gaulle
"Desert Fox" who led the Afrika Korps
Erwin Rommel
Japanese mastermind of the Pearl Harbor attack
Isoroku Yamamoto
Commander of the British 8th Army in N. Africa
Bernard Montgomery
Russian general who captured Berlin in 1945
Giorgi Zhukov
American admiral who, in 1944, returned to the Philippines
Douglas MacArthur
"Old Blood and Guts" of the Americans in Sicily and France
George Patton
Overall US leader in Europe, commanded D-Day
Dwight D. Eisenhower
American commander who took Iraq "by storm" in 1991
Norman Schwartzkopf
Level 85
Sep 27, 2013
Are you sure that Manstein should get credit for the Bltzkrieg and not Guderian?
Level 68
Sep 27, 2013
Well, I'm going off of the fact that Manstein was the one to formulate the revised invasion of France, with the tank drive through the Ardennes. Guderian was the founder of Blitzkrieg, but I'm not asking for who the founder was.
Level 64
Sep 28, 2013
I swear Garibaldi didn't work
Level 68
Sep 28, 2013
The last time I checked, it worked just fine.
Level 51
Jul 20, 2014
Audie Murphy is spelled wrong (no "e" in Murphy), and so is Nikita Khrushchev's last name (extra "h" in between the K and the r). Good quiz aside from that though.
Level 76
Jun 2, 2015
This quiz really needs to be more flexible with the spelling. Seriously.
Level 68
Jun 3, 2015
It's been a while since I've updated this. I'm finally going to do it today.
Level 56
May 3, 2018
Two thoughts: Lawrence was not a general. He returned to England as a colonel. Yamamoto was an admiral.
Level 71
Jul 2, 2018
Douglas MacArthur was a general in the army, not an admiral in the navy.
Level 76
Apr 1, 2021
Please accept Schwarzkopf (no T).,,,I went nuts trying to get that one!
Level 69
Mar 5, 2023
Same here! I looked it up, and he doesn't even have a t in his name