The Napoleonic Wars

Based on the clues, name these 25 names, places and things relating to the Napoleonic Wars.
Quiz by thecoolestdude2
Last updated: August 23, 2021
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First submittedNovember 25, 2014
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The Little Corporal, Emperor of France
Napoleon Bonaparte
Number of coalitions against France
Year he became emperor
His two wives
Josephine de Beauharnais
His approximate height
5'6'' / Appx. 169 cm
One-armed, heroic British admiral
Horatio Nelson
Where ^ defeated his fleet off Spain
Places Napoleon was exiled
St. Helena
Belgian site of his final defeat
British general and duke who fought in Spain/Belgium
Arthur Wellesley
Stone found in Egypt by French troops in 1799
Rosetta Stone
Territory Napoleon sold to the US for $15 million
Collective name for the Spanish campaigns of 1807-1814
Peninsular War
Another name for Napoleon's 1815 return
"Hundred Days"
"Battle of the Nations", over a million soldiers participated
Napoleon's greatest victory over a combined Austro-Russian army
Council where the map of Europe was redrawn
Council of Vienna
Bravest of the Brave, French marshal and cavalryman
Michel Ney
Napoleon's elite reserves division
Old Guard
1800 battle that secured France's rule over Italy
French king who succeeded Napoleon
This battle at Moscow's gates failed to destroy the Russian army
French economic system created to exclude Britain
Continental System
Level 66
Nov 25, 2014
Good quiz, but you should make it less Anglo-saxon, by accepting the height of Napoleon in meters (1 meter 68), and by accepting the French name for the Battle of Borodino which is Battle of Moskova (only term used in France).
Level 68
Nov 26, 2014
Thanks for the tips, it's been updated.
Level 66
Jan 31, 2016
You should accept "the old guard" also, got messed up because of that :D
Level 68
Feb 1, 2016
I guess I'll include it.
Level 51
Nov 18, 2016
The clue for Corps was a bit misleading, as a corps was more than just soldiers
Level 68
Nov 19, 2016
True, there are officers/supply/hospitals to consider. I will replace it simply with "military unit".
Level 72
May 21, 2021
Good quiz! Louis 18 sadly doesn't work
Level 86
May 21, 2021
Since this has been spotlighted... I don't know if the quiz maker is still around, but I think this good quiz could be improved.

6 - As mentioned above, the height in meters should be shown. Don't forget that the metric system was adopted during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era. I would also accept any value between 1,65m and 1,7m.

11- I think "Final end" would mean that he died there, which is incorrect. This should be reformulated.

12 - It would be better to reformulate the question so that the answer is Wellington, it's the name under which he is better known (especially in other languages).

16 - If it were my quiz, I would accept, or even show "(Les) Cent-Jours".

23 - Louis 18 should indeed be accepted.

Level 68
Aug 23, 2021
Thanks for the advice, most of which I will change! Admittedly, I have not been on the site in years, but that will change.
Level 79
May 22, 2021
Just to add my gripe (which is a bit unfair, I liked and appreciated the quiz), I think Marie, or even Marie of Austria should be acceptable - both of which I tried.
Level 86
May 22, 2021
Can't agree with that. In French, Marie-Louise is her first name, the hyphen shows it's a compound name, not two names. I grouse every time that Marie is accepted for Marie-Antoinette, and let's not talk about Jacques-Yves Cousteau whose Yves is utterly ignored in English...
Level 39
May 24, 2021
but she wasn't French, and in her own language, 'Ludovica' was simply the second of her middle names.
Level 86
May 30, 2021
It's her name as Empress of the French that is asked.
Level 77
Dec 28, 2021
One thing that I don't understand. Germany also produced a megalomaniac with ideas of World-domination and whose clever military strategy enabled him to threaten it and now he is (almost) universally reviled in his home country. Yet Napoleon is still revered as a hero in France, as I discovered when I recently visited his grave in the Hotel des Invalides. Can anyone explain?
Level 87
Sep 6, 2022
Maybe because he didn't try to exterminate a race of humans? Maybe because his actions more than anyone's served to cement and solidify the Revolution? With every monarchy in Europe panicking and forming hasty coalitions against France (lest the other peasants see how well a country can fare without a king) it is doubtful if France would have lasted out the century without him. He instigated change on a vast scale, abolishing, modernising or creating many of France's institutions. Today's France owes much of her existence, her laws, her religious and societal structures to changes brought about by Napoleon. Updated infrastructure, improvements in education and the encouragement of scientific enquiry. Not to mention being an absolutely kick-ass field general, who rarely lost a battle and inspired devotion in his own troops. All of this from an extremely modest background in Corsica. No wonder the French love him - I'm English, and I think he was tremendous. Megalomania was his hubris...
Level 87
Sep 6, 2022
Before you say it, I know he subsequently made himself emperor and had himself painted like Alexander the bleeding Great and tried to take over half the world. What can I say? People change, and taken as a whole, his life and contribution to history puts little adolph's in the shade.
Level 77
Nov 17, 2022
Great quiz! I never thought to put the stone after Rosetta for some reason because the question asked what stone it was, and most quizzes just let you omit things like that.