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What is the name of the roadway where most of the iconic Las Vegas hotels are found?The Strip
In which desert is Las Vegas located?The Mojave
What was the primary cause for Las Vegas escaping the brunt of the Great Depression?Construction work associated with building Hoover Dam
What does the words 'Las Vegas' mean when translated from English?The Meadows
Which of these is not a former Las Vegas Hotel?The Altimonte
Where is the original and iconic 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign located?4 miles south of the city
Which of the following universities is not a university located in Las Vegas?University of Las Vegas
Which of the following professional baseball players was not born in Las Vegas?Jason Giambi
The roadway referenced in question one has hotels located in 3 communities. Which of the following is not one of those 3?North Las Vegas, Nevada
Which of the following most accurately describes the population of the city Las Vegas?600,000 - 700,000
From 1990 to 2000, by what percentage did the population of Las Vegas increase by?85.2%
What is the name of the first racially integrated hotel & casino in Las Vegas?The Molan Rouge
The remains of what can be found at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Washington Avenue in Las Vegas?A fort built by the LDS Church
Approximately how many hotel rooms are in the city of Las Vegas?152,000
Which of the following is not a nickname of Las Vegas?The Neon City

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