Batman Villains

Name all of Batman's villains in the Rogues Gallery.
Added some more villains as of December 28th.
Quiz by Jacktheguy
Last updated: December 28, 2014
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Homicidal maniac with a clown-like appearance.
Accomplished jewel thief who sometimes acts as an anti-hero.
Centuries-old eco-terrorist who plans to save Earth by destroying most of its people.
Ra's Al Ghul
Masked villain with immense strength from a drug called Venom.
Former district attorney who has been scarred with acid on half his face.
Criminal mastermind who has a strange compulsion to leave clues in the form of riddles.
Nightclub owner and arms dealer who is often seen with an umbrella.
Psychiatrist who deduced Batman's identity and creates hypnotic drugs.
Hugo Strange
Former biochemist who has the ability to control plant life.
Poison Ivy
Psychologist who specializes in the nature of fear.
Actor turned murderer who later gained shape-shifting powers.
Mind-controlling expert who is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.
Mad Hatter
Gotham mercant who was murdered in a swamp and became a zombie.
Solomon Grundy
Psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who later fell in love with Batman's archnemesis.
Harley Quinn
Expert sharpshooter who "never misses" his victim
Minor criminal who can fly and is attracted to light.
Killer Moth
Pyromaniac with a fireproof suit and flamethrower.
Commits crimes that correspond with holidays and significant dates.
Calendar Man
Cryogenic scientist who was accidentally drenched with freezing chemicals.
Mr. Freeze
Brilliant surgeon who despises Bruce Wayne and cut off his own face.
World-famous trapper of jungle cats who became bored and turned to a life of crime.
Former chemist who experimented on himself and became a mindless brute.
Game show host who later became a criminal.
Doctor who accidentally turned into a bat after trying to fix his deafness.
Saw a burglar attack his parents as a kid, killed the man with a knife, and later took to a life of crime.
Bronze Tiger
Serial killer who cuts a tally mark onto his body for each of his victims.
Victor Zsasz
Former history teacher who lost his mind and started committing crimes related to Greek mythology.
Maxie Zeus
Former soldier and demolitions expert who loves to use explosive bombs.
Meta-human mercenary known to take on seemingly impossible jobs as a personal challenge.
Has a medical condition that warped his body into a massive crocodile-like form.
Killer Croc
Man who murdered his parents to inherit their fortune and seems to have a strange liking for masks.
Black Mask
Holocaust survivor who killed his camp leader at a Halloween party.
Dangerous wooden crime boss accompanied by his puppeteer.
Scarface & Ventriloquist
Ruthless Soviet assassin originally sent to kill Ronald Reagan.
Regarded as the world's greatest assassin, managed to frame Bruce Wayne for murder.
Pest control worker who has the ability to communicate with and train rats.
Daughter of the Demon's Head who is also the mother of Damian Wayne.
Talia Al Ghul
Teenage prodigy who creates various gadgets to subvert government.
Super-intelligent supervillain who was once a member of the Court of Owls.
Has claimed to be the daughter of numerous Batman villains, including his biggest one.
Duela Dent
Computer genius who has helped hundreds of villains escape from prison.
Former security guard who is obsessed with order and becomes a vigilante who brutalizes criminals.
Self-styled vigilante who kills people suspected of dealing drugs.
Black Spider
Professional thief with a swashbuckling sense of style.
Murderer who likes to make horrifying dolls from the skins of his victims.
Assassin-for-hire and martial arts grandmaster who is the mother of one of the Batgirls.
Lady Shiva
Brilliant hypnotic scientist who trained three replacement Batmen to do his evil bidding.
Dr. Hurt
Doctor that suffered a nuclear accident and now takes the form of a burning skeleton.
Dr. Phosphorus
Psychopath that enjoys motorcycles, eating people's faces, and the color pink.
Mask-wearing scientist with a pig obsession.... yes, he's a real villain.
Professor Pyg
Level 60
Nov 19, 2014
pretty good list. i like how you mention some of batman's more obscure villains
Level 82
Nov 22, 2018
Hey. I updated this quiz on actors who've played multiple comic book characaters using some of your suggestions, if interested.
Level 90
Nov 22, 2018
Cool. I'll go check it out.