You Don't Know Jack! Trivia #3

Guess these sample questions taken directly from the popular You Don't Know Jack! series of games.
Quiz by Jacktheguy
Last updated: June 15, 2023
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1. "Well, it's been a big year for the whole family. Junior learned to drive. Mom changed jobs. And Dad started a drug empire, cooking and selling high-quality methamphetamine." What TV family is this Christmas card from?
the Browns
the Greens
the Blacks
the Whites
Walter White, his wife Skyler, and their son are all from the show Breaking Bad.
2. If military combat drones served the same purpose as honey bee drones, what would happen during a drone strike?
Drones stinging enemy combatants
Drones having sex with enemy combatants
Drones barfing on enemy combatants
Drones making honey for enemy combatants
Honey bee drones don't have stingers or make honey; they're pretty much only around just to have sex.
3. If Brie Larson were convicted of Brie Larceny, what crime would she be guilty of committing?
Counterfeiting cheese
Murdering cheese
Stealing cheese
Selling cheese without the proper permits
Larceny is the crime of taking property from possession of another with intent to permanently deprive the owner of that property.
4. Which No Doubt song is no doubt the closest to the title of E.B. White's classic children's novel?
Don't Speak
Just a Girl
E.B. White is known for being the author of Charlotte's Web.
5. If you've been poisoned by the Poissonnier at a fancy restaurant, who almost killed you?
The pastry chef
The head chef
The fish chef
The sauce chef
At fancy restaurants, the fish chef is called the Poissonnier.
6. Which of these online personality quizzes might tell me "I'm Zambia?"
Which MIDDLE EASTERN country are you?
Which SOUTHEAST ASIAN country are you?
Which SOUTHERN AFRICAN country are you?
Which NORTHERN AFRICAN country are you?
Zambia is located in Southern Africa.
7. If a bag of Czech Mix is separated into two compartments, representing the two regions of the Czech Republic, what's in the bag?
Slovakian breadsticks and Polish nuts
Serbian chips and Belarusian crackers
Bohemian pretzels and Moravian rye chips
Ukrainian cereal and Hungarian bagel chips
8. They say on your first day in the Solar System, you should find the biggest planet and hit them in the face. If you're going by volume, who should you hit?
In terms of both mass and volume, Jupiter is the biggest planet.
9. Whose last name starts with a Mac instead of a Mc?
Seth __Farlane
Ian __Kellen
Ewan __Gregor
Tim __Graw
10. Who is the shortest cast member from The Big Short?
Steve Carell
Selena Gomez
Ryan Gosling
Brad Pitt
At 5'5'', Selena Gomez is the smallest celebrity out of these four in the film.
11. What is Sonic the Hedgehog running away from?
His feelings... and also Dr. Doom
His commitments... and also Dr. Eggman
His aspirations... and also Dr. Nefarious
His past... and also Dr. Wily
Dr. Eggman, AKA Dr. Robotnik, is the main villain in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
12. If Romeo and Juliet competed on the set of Family Feud, what team would Romeo be playing on?
The Montague family
The Capulet family
The York family
The Lancaster family
Romeo is a member of the Montague family.
13. Who doesn't "know their role?" ...You know, because they're in the wrong play?
Kate Monster in Avenue Q
Elphaba in The Lion King
Aaron Burr in Hamilton
Elder Price in The Book of Mormon
Elphaba is from Wicked.
14. Which of the following movies does NOT involve living in a computer-generated reality?
Ready Player One
The Matrix
Avatar takes place on an inhabitable moon and not a computer-generated world.
15. What should I say if I want my Amazon Echo to tell my iPhone to do something?
"Siri, tell Cortana to turn off the lights."
"Alexa, tell Google Assistant to do better next time."
"Cortana, tell Alexa to play music."
"Alexa, tell Siri to lower the volume."
Alexa is the virtual assistant for the Amazon Echo, and Siri is the one for the iPhone.
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