Breaking Bad Characters

Answer which characters are in the TV show, Breaking Bad.
Quiz by TheShadowRooster
Last updated: March 11, 2014
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The Antagonist
Walter White
The above's alias
The wife
Skyler White
The son
Walter Jr
The daughter
Holly White
The DEA agent brother-in-law
Hank Schrader
The kleptomaniac sister-in-law
Marie Schrader
The drug distributer who owns Los Pollos Hermanos
Gustavo Fring
The above's hitman
Mike Ermantrout
The antagonist's assistant
Jesse Pinkman
The above's friend who gets caught dealing meth by the DEA
The Skinny guy
Skinny Pete
The guy who gets shot by the kid
The kid that shoots the above
The above's younger brother that get poisoned
Level 28
Oct 22, 2014
Jesse isn't his assistant.........they are 50/50 partners, yo!
Level 27
Jan 21, 2018
Walter White is the protagonist. Antagonists would be Tuco, Fring, etc.
Level 61
Jul 29, 2020
Brock is not the younger brother of Tomas. Tomas is the younger brother of Andrea, and Brock is Andrea's son. So Tomas is the UNCLE of Brock
Level 24
Jun 10, 2021
Just because Walter is a horrible person doesn't mean he's the antagonist. He is the protagonist because he is the main character. The main character does not always have to be the good guy.
Level 29
Jul 25, 2021
The concept of the protagonist being "the good guy" is EXTREMELY overdone. So overdone in fact that people are now under the impression that antagonist is synonymous with being bad and protagonist with good. I like a good protagonist to be sure, but the lead of a story being nothing but a shining pillar of justice is unrealistic and uninteresting at this point. I don't think I've ever met someone that I can say is 100% good or evil. Human beings are gray, not black or white. The people that are black and white (Jesus or Hitler for two opposite examples) have become notorious for their uniqueness. And yes, I understand that fiction isn't meant to be completely accurate to reality, but a lot of the time creators seem to try to pass this type of one sided behavior as normal, when it really isn't. That's why The Last Of Us 1 & 2 and Breaking Bad are my two favorite fictional stories of all time. They make the characters feel human. I appreciate that SO much.
Level 29
Jul 25, 2021
And no, I don't blame you for mistaking White as the antagonist. It's an understandable mistake.
Level 37
Jan 23, 2023
Tomas isn't Brock's brother, Tomas is Brock's uncle, this is proven when Andrea says "He's my kid brother". Also, that can be a forgiven mistake.
Level 53
Mar 31, 2023
i thought "the above's hitman" meant the hitman that killed gus so i said hector...maybe make it a bit clearer with something like "the hitman that works for the above"?