The Ultimate Office Trivia Quiz

One question per episode of all 9 seasons of The Office.
Quiz by RandomSportsKid
Last updated: September 9, 2023
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1x1: Pilot

What politician's name does Michael call Jan?
Hillary Rodham Clinton
1x2: Diversity Day

What does Michael name his diversity seminar?
Diversity Tomorrow
1x3: Healthcare

What animal does Dwight suggest will eat you because "there's no healthcare in the wild"?
1x4: The Alliance

What flavor of ice cream does Michael want for the ice cream cake?
Mint chocolate chip
1x5: Basketball

When asked by Jim, what are Pam and Roy planning to do for the weekend?
Take wave runners to the lake
1x6: Hot Girl

What fast-food item does Michael have a shocking amount of receipts for in his car, according to Ryan?
2x1: The Dundies

What song is Michael singing a parody of when the other bar patrons heckle him?
Tiny Dancer
2x2: Sexual Harassment

What is the hair color of Jim's blow-up doll?
2x3: Office Olympics

What does Kevin say that the candle used to start the opening ceremonies smells like?
2x4: The Fire

Ryan expresses that he doesn't want to be "a guy here". Giving an example, he calls Stanley the ________ guy
2x5: Halloween

What is Jan's receptionist's name who Michael talks to at the beginning of the episode?
2x6: The Fight

What is the name of Dwight's sensei?
2x7: The Client

When Dwight goes to shoot off fireworks from his uncle, who joins him?
2x8: Performance Reviews

What did Michael tell Pam he can do at the end of her performance review last year?
Bench press 190 pounds
2x9: Email Surveillance

What is the name of the Asian man Michael does improv with?
2x10: Christmas Party

Toby gets Angela a poster of babies playing an instrument. What instrument are they playing?
2x11: Booze Cruise

Who does Phyllis slow dance with?
2x12: The Injury

What does Dwight (after getting a concussion) say his middle name is?
2x13: The Secret

What is the server's name at Hooters?
2x14: The Carpet

Michael tries to make a $100 prize for the sales team, but he only has how much cash on him?
2x15: Boys and Girls

After their "Women in the Workplace" meeting, what did Albany turn their break room into?
Lactation room
2x16: Valentine's Day

What real celebrity walks by after Michael thinks he saw Tina Fey?
Conan O'Brien
2x17: Dwight's Speech

What word did Dwight misspell (in front of the entire school) to lose his 6th grade spelling bee?
2x18: Take your Daughter to Work Day

What does Jake (Meredith's son) call Dwight?
Mr. Poop
2x19: Michael's Birthday

Kelly never really thought about death until what celebrity died?
Princess Diana
2x20: Drug Use

What legal drug does Michael put on his list of illegal drugs?
2x21: Conflict Resolution

Pam tells Angela she has a problem with everyone except who? (Hint: nickname)
Bobble Head Joe
2x22: Casino Night

After being told he can't donate to Comic Relief, what charity does Michael want to donate to?
Afghanistanis with AIDS
3x1: Gay Witch Hunt

Michael calls Oscar "f*ggy" for liking which movie?
Shakespeare in Love
3x2: The Convention

Pam's first date after splitting with Roy is with a man with what job?
3x3: The Coup

When Jan enters the room to see the group watching Varsity Blues, Michael says he hopes she brought what candy?
Milk Duds
3x4: Grief Counseling

Ryan steals the plot to which movie when describing the death of someone close to him?
Lion King
3x5: Initiation

On Michael's daily hours log, Pam writes that he does an impression of what celebrity?
Bill Cosby
3x6: Diwali

Michael is upset that Samosas are not what dessert?
3x7: Branch Closing

At what time does "Future Dwight" say someone will poison the coffee?
8:00 AM
3x8: The Merger

What is the name of Michael's orientation video that Jim watched on his first day?
Scranton Witch Project
3x9: The Convict

Who does Karen suggest as a white person she trusts?
3x10: Benihana Christmas Part 1

The Committee to Plan Parties throws a "______________ ____________ Christmas"
Margarita Karaoke
3x11: Benihana Christmas Part 2

What does Dwight win in the raffle?
Walkie Talkies
3x12: Back from Vacation

What is Jan's therapist's name?
Dr. Perry
3x13: Traveling Salesman

What does Michael name his computer when he puts eyes on it and has it "talk" ton Jim and Pam?
3x14: The Return

Oscar, when talking about the harassment he receives for being gay, wants people to "keep talking" so he can get what?
Home theater
3x15: Ben Franklin

Where does Michael assume the stripper's boyfriend is?
3x16: Phyllis's Wedding

Where does Toby meet his wedding date?
3x17: Business School

What is the first thing that Jim picks up that makes Dwight think he's a vampire?
Garlic Bread
3x18: Cocktails

What does Toby try to win Pam from the claw machine?
Stuffed Duck
3x19: The Negotiation

What is the brand of woman's suit Michael is wearing?
3x20: Safety Training

What was Michael's job at Men's Warehouse?
3x21: Product Recall

What accent does Kevin want to try when he has to work in customer service?
3x22: Women's Appreciation

What is Jan and Michael's safe word?
3x23: Beach Games

What is the first event in Beach Games?
Spoon and egg race
4x1: Fun Run Part 1

What medical procedure does Dwight tell the doctor that Meredith got time off for?
4x2: Fun Run Part 2

What did Michael tell Dwight the money for the fundraiser was going for in order to make him donate?
Bat Birth Control
4x3: Dunder Mifflin Infinity Part 1

In which month will Creed "turn 30"?
4x4: Dunder Mifflin Infinity Part 2

What treat do Michael and Dwight discover is missing from the gift basket they go to take back?
4x5: Launch Party Part 1

What book does Michael intent to give to Ryan before he finds out the party is online?
Green Eggs and Ham
4x6: Launch Party Part 2

The moment Pam knew she liked Jim was when he told her that what food was expired?
Mixed berry yogurt
4x7: Money Part 1

Which room theme do Pam and Jim stay in at Schrute Farms?
4x8: Money Part 2

Who does Creed transfer his debt to when he gets in trouble?
William Charles Schneider
4x9: Local Ad

What is the profession of Jim's second life character?
4x10: Branch Wars

What is the receptionist in Utica's name?
4x11: Survivor Man

When Jim tries to combine all the birthdays into one party, who's birthday is it actually?
4x12: The Deposition

What does Michael call Jan's breasts?
The Twins
4x13: Dinner Party:

When arguing with Jan, what musical did Michael say he wanted to see?
4x14: Chair Model

What song do Michael and Dwight sing at the chair model's grave?
American Pie
4x15: Night Out

What food does Michael try to order at the club with Ryan?
Chicken fingers
4x16: Did I Stutter?

What does the "pink line" on Dwight's organizational hierarchy chart indicate?
Menstrual Cycles
4x17: Job Fair

What Ivy League school did Mr. Maguire, the guy playing golf with Jim, Andy, and Kevin, attend?
4x18: Goodbye Toby: Part 1

What do Dwight and Michael think to sell to Holly as a part of hazing her?
Elevator pass
4x19: Goodbye Toby: Part 2

What does Oscar think the real crime Ryan committed is?
The beard
5x1: Weight Loss: Part 1

What does the sign on the door of Pam's dorm say?
Resident Assistant
5x2: Weight Loss: Part 2

What event did Ryan "never really process"?
5x3: Business Ethics

Meredith has been sleeping with someone for gift certificates to what chain restaurant?
Outback Steakhouse
5x4: Baby Shower

What is the boy name for Jan's baby that Michael suggests?
5x5: Crime Aid

What item of Kevin's was stolen?
Surge protector
5x6: Employee Transfer

What is the song that plays throughout the episode as Michael, Holly, and Darryl drive to Nashua?
Life is a Highway
5x7: Customer Survey

What does Pam put in her coffee?
Sprinkle of cinnamon
5x8: Business Trip

What drink does Andy buy for the two men he's trying to set Oscar up with?
Long Island Iced Tea
5x9: Frame Toby

What is on the painting that Jim tries to remove from his parent's house?
5x10: The Surplus

What dessert does Michael almost choke on while talking to David Wallace?
5x11: Moroccan Christmas

What is the name of the toy that Dwight buys the stores out of and sells for a profit?
Princess Unicorn
5x12: The Duel

What kind of food does Michael want to order for lunch with David Wallace?
5x13: Prince Family Paper

What actresses' hotness is being debated by the office?
Hillary Swank
5x14: Stress Relief: Part 1

What is the name of the CPR instructor?
5x15: Stress Relief: Part 2

What was Michael's caption he wrote under the picture of Meredith's boobs that he put on the bulletin board?
5x16: Lecture Circuit: Part 1

What candy bar does Michael give out in Utica?
Mounds Bars
5x17: Lecture Circuit: Part 2

What color is Holly's sweater?
5x18: Blood Drive

What is Kevin's ex-fiancee's name?
5x19: Golden Ticket

What medical procedure does Michael claim to have done in order to avoid talking to David Wallace?
5x20: New Boss

What industry did Charles Miner work in before Dunder Mifflin?
5x21: Two Weeks

What two-ingredient cocktail does Michael drink after having put in his 2 weeks notice?
Scotch and Splenda
5x22: Dream Team

What was the name of Jim's soccer team?
The orange team
5x23: Michael Scott Paper Company

What is Michael serving at his luncheon in order to attract new clients?
5x24: Heavy Competition

When Dwight takes his clothes off to prove to Michael he's not wearing a wire, what color is his underwear?
5x25: Broke

What language is written on the side of the van used by the Michael Scott Paper Company?
5x26: Casual Friday

Angela is upset by which part of Oscar's outfit?
5x27: Cafe Disco

What state to Jim and Pam almost travel to in order to get married?
5x28: Company Picnic

What food did Michael eat that made him fall asleep?
Chicken pot pie
6x1: Gossip

What disease is Creed rumored to have?
6x2: The Meeting

Meredith will eat whatever's fanciest at Pam and Jim's wedding, unless there is what?
6x3: The Promotion

What drink is in the "World's Best Boss" mug that Michael gifts to Jim?
6x4: Niagara: Part 1

What is Pam's grandmother (Meemaw)'s real name?
6x5: Niagara: Part 2

Dwight doesn't eat breakfast with Isabelle because a bunch of what after she went to bed?
Sesame seeds
6x6: Mafia

Where did Pam and Jim go for their honeymoon?
Puerto Rico
6x7: The Lover

Jim hopes that, because of the recording device Dwight puts in the mallard, he can get him to live out the plot of what film?
National Treasure
6x8: Koi Pond

What part of Dwight's body does he not want to be teased about?
6x9: Double Date

Pam says that, because Michael likes to date people close to Pam, he should next date what dish at the restaurant they are at?
Chicken Parmesean
6x10: Murder

What is the name of the character Angela plays in the murder mystery game?
Voodoo Mama Juju
6x11: Shareholder Meeting

What vehicle do Michael, Andy, Dwight, and Oscar take to the shareholder meeting?
6x12: Scott's Tots

Instead of college tuition, what does Michael give to Scott's Tots?
Laptop batteries
6x13: Secret Santa

What is the name of the warehouse guy Oscar has a crush on?
6x14: The Banker

Michael is applying the same principles to beautify the office that (he claims) are also used by what pop singer (that Michael incorrectly assumes is a drag queen)?
Lady Gaga
6x15: Sabre

What actor appears in the Sabre training video?
Christian Slater
6x16: Manager and Salesman

What food does Erin bring to Michael every day and say "who's hungry"?
Ants on a log
6x17: Delivery: Part 1

Oscar says the hospital will provide dictionaries, so Michael should bring a what?
6x18: Delivery: Part 2

What animal is Jim able to put a diaper on?
6x19: St. Patrick's Day

Michael calls green M&M's nature's what medicine/supplement?
6x20: New Leads

Stanley agrees with Kelly's opinion on what reality-show family in order to get some of the leads she was given by Michael?
6x21: Happy Hour

What game does Michael play with Jim, Pam, and Pam's friend who they are trying to set him up with?
6x22: Secretary's Day

Oscar creates a video where he puts Kevin's voice over a video of what children's TV character?
Cookie Monster
6x23: Body Language

Michael describes his eyes to Donna as ___________ green?
6x24: Cover Up

When Jim thinks Michael is eating ice cream, he is actually eating what?
Mayonaise and black olives
6x25: The Chump

After breaking up with Donna, Pam puts on Mr. Bean and what classic comedy film?
Pink Panther
6x26: The Whistleblower

Michael tries to get the office to each watch his news interview clip 11 times so that it can be #1 on the WBRE website. They are instead distracted by a clip of what cute baby animal?
7x1: Nepotism

The last time Michael saw his nephew Luke was the opening day of what movie?
Ace Ventura II
7x2: Counseling

What is the name of the daycare Dwight tries to open in the building?
Sesame Avenue Day Care
7x3: Andy's Play

Michael did an entire episode of what TV show as his audition for Sweeney Todd?
Law and Order
7x4: Sex Ed

Dwight hires a day laborer named Nate to take care of what in the parking lot?
Hornets nest
7x5: The Sting

When Michael, Dwight, and Jim set up the sting to learn about Danny's tactics, who plays the manager of the fake company?
7x6: Costume Contest

What costume does Angela wear?
7x7: Christening

What country is the youth group at the church going to?
7x8: Viewing Party

What does Michael want his grandkids to buy with the asphalt from the road the Scranton Strangler goes over?

What is the password for the server in the office? (Hint: must be spelled correctly)
7x10: China

Dwight puts a large billboard advertising what type of company on the building?
7x11: Classy Christmas: Part 1

Kelly chooses laptop sleeves featuring what character as the Christmas gift?
Hello Kitty
7x12: Classy Christmas: Part 2

Jim breaks a window (while trying to get revenge on Dwight) using equipment from what sport?
7x13: Ultimatum

What is the name of Dwight's volunteer crime patrol group?
Knights of the Night
7x14: The Seminar

What song does Kevin use as his introduction for the seminar?
Crazy Train
7x15: The Search

After Michael leaves the gas station (when Jim abandons him to get CeCe), he first walks by what type of business "for the smell of it"?
7x16: PDA

Pam and Jim get drunk on what at Valentine's Day Lunch?
7x17: Threat Level Midnight

What is the name of the "hippest jazz club in town" that Jasmine Winsong (Jan) sings at?
Funky Cat
7x18: Todd Packer

Todd compliments Holly by comparing her to what actress?
Jennifer Aniston
7x19: Garage Sale

Oscar says that everyone assumes he is a fan of what TV show because he always gets the DVD set as a gift?
Will and Grace
7x20: Training Day

Because of his toupee, Kevin compares himself to what actor?
Ashton Kutcher
7x21: Michael's Last Dundies

Pam describes the breadsticks at a local restaurant as being "like crack". Ryan criticizes her for the comparison, suggesting the breadsticks are more like something "from her world", like what?
7x22: Goodbye Michael: Part 1

What does Phyllis make for Michael as a going away present?
7x23: Goodbye Michael: Part 2

Which salesman gets all of Michael's clients?
7x24: Inner Circle

What song does Deangelo play during his "juggling" routine?
"Wake Me Up"
7x25: Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager

What is the name of the "social club" that Jim starts after Dwight becomes acting manager?
The Fist
7x26: Search Committee: Part 1

What is the acronym that Creed comes up with?
7x27: Search Committee: Part 2

What nationality is the burn victim who Dwight pretends to be in the interview for the manager job?
8x1: The List

Andy tells Robert that it has been a "medium year" for what sport?
Women's Soccer
8x2: The Incentive

What is the name of the new Sabre tablet?
8x3: The Lotto

Jim's fantasy life involves he and Pam living near a lighthouse in what state?
8x4: Garden Party

What actor plays Andy's brother Walter Jr.?
Josh Groban
8x5: Spooked

Robert California's son uses the computer to track what?
8x6: Doomsday

What game do Robert and Jim play while Jim is distracting him?
8x7: Pam's Replacement

What instrument does Robert play?
8x8: Gettysburg

What Bradley Cooper movie do they watch on the way to Gettysburg?
8x9: Mrs. California

What is Robert's wife's name?
8x10: Christmas Wishes

What is the name of the porcupine Dwight hides in his desk?
8x11: Trivia

Gabe compares himself to what household appliance?
8x12: Pool Party

Who is Erin's partner in the chicken fight?
8x13: Jury Duty

What song does Andy dance to in the warehouse?
8x14: Special Project

Angela makes a special batch of brownies for Kevin that don't contain what?
8x15: Tallahassee

What condition does Dwight go to the hospital for?
8x16: After Hours

What is the name of Oscar's dog?
8x17: Test the Store

Toby's acronym for self defense, IAATG, stand for "It's All About the __________"
8x18: Last Day in Florida

Which employee does Kevin kiss to prove he'll do anything to buy cookies from Toby and Darryl?
8x19: Get the Girl

What is the name of the son of the old woman Erin works for?
8x20: Welcome Party

What is the profession of Nellie's ex boyfriend?
8x21: Angry Andy

Andy gives jerseys to the office so they can recreate a scene from what famous sports movie?
8x22: Fundraiser

What type of charity was the fundraiser for?
Humane society
8x23: Turf War

What is the name of the fake salesman invented by Dwight and Jim to make more commission?
Lloyd Gross
8x24: Free Family Portrait Studio

What does Dwight bring to the DNA lab to see if he is Phillip's father?
9x1: New Guys

What is Pete's nickname?
9x2: Roy's Wedding

What is Roy's wife's name?
9x3: Andy's Ancestry

What famous person is Andy distantly related to?
Michelle Obama
9x4: Work Bus

The place the work bus is driving to is called "Laverne's Pies", but they also fix what?
9x5: Here Comes Treble

What is Andy's signature song from his college days?
9x6: The Boat

To which South American country did Andy's father run off to with a younger woman?
9x7: The Whale

Who is the CEO of Scranton White Pages?
9x8: The Target

Darryl got a complaint from a customer for answering a call while having sex. In reality, he was eating what?
9x9: Dwight Christmas

What is the name of Belsnickel's companion?
Black Peter
9x10: Lice

What condiment does Erin suggest using to suffocate the lice?
9x11: Suit Warehouse

When Jim and Dwight pretended to be siblings in order to make sales to family businesses, what was their last name?
9x12: Customer Loyalty

What is the name of the treasure hunt that Jim sends Dwight on?
The Dunder Code
9x13: Junior Salesman

Dwight attended a fake school run by a conman meant to "harness his mutant abilities" like Charles Xavier from what comic book?
9x14: Vandalism

What is the name of the warehouse worker who vandalized Pam's painting?
9x15: Couple's Discount

Who pretends to be Oscar's boyfriend to get the discount?
9x16: Moving On: Part 1

What actor plays Mark, the manager Pam interviews with in Philly who reminds her of Michael?
Bob Odenkirk
9x17: Moving On: Part 2

What is Pete's ex girlfriend's name?
9x18: The Farm

What is the name of Dwight's aunt who passed?
9x19: Promos

When Ryan Howard (the baseball player) meets Darryl and Jim, he repeats the slogan of what fast food chain?
9x20: Stairmageddon

What does Dwight wrap Stanley in before pushing him down the stairs?
Bubble Wrap
9x21: Paper Airplane

How much is the prize for winning the paper airplane contest?
9x22: Livin' the Dream: Part 1

What is the name of Dwight's new Sensei?
9x23: Livin' the Dream: Part 2

What song does Andy play before leaving the office?
I Will Remember You
9x24: AARM: Part 1

How many days since the last nonsense?
9x25: AARM: Part 2

Which NFL Quarterback is a guest judge on America's Next Acapella Sensation?
Aaron Rodgers
9x26: Finale

Who plays Andy on the SNL Weekend Update parody of the "Baby Wawa" viral video?
Bill Hader
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