Donkey Kong Country

Answer according to the clue given
Quiz by 304boyz
Last updated: January 2, 2015
First submittedJanuary 2, 2015
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Most common collectable items in the game
Three of these allows a bonus game
Animal tokens
If this is spelt out throughout the level, the player will recieve and extra life
Used to restore a retired kong
DK barrels
First level of the game
Jungle Hijinxs
Name of the Kongo Jungle boss
Very Gnawty
Name of boss in Chimp Caverns
Master Necky Sr
Final boss name
King K Rool
Name of kong who helps save the game
Candy Kong
Name of ostrich that the kongs ride
Name of rhino that the kongs ride
Name of swordfish that the kongs ride
Name of helpful parrot
Name of large blue crocodile enemy that diddy is unable to jump on or roll into
Snake enemy
Bee enemy
Date of the games release
What does the sign in the cave under Donkey Kong's treehouse say?
Kong's Banana Hoard
This level comes after vulture culture
Tree Top Town
The name of the song that is played in the above answer
Treetop Rock
The name of the song played in water levels
Aquatic Ambiance
Last level of the game (not including Gangplank Galleon)
Platform Perils
Name of Kong who lends his barrel plane
Funky Kong
Name of barrels that create an explosion
TNT barrels
Name of barrels that are not made of wood
Steel Kegs/ Fuel Barrels
Name of enemy that shoots pearls at the kongs
Kremling that only appears in mine carts
The colour that Queen B. turns into when hit with a barrel
The second player colours of both Donkey and Diddy Kong
A villianous kong family member that constantly throws barrels
Manky Kong
Level 33
May 19, 2018
Is it possible to add Steel or Keg as answers that are allowed? I'll admit I'm a sore loser, but for the question about barrels not made of wood, I tried Steel Barrel, then tried Keg, and neither query worked! I feel like that's a very small request, to allow steel, steel barrel, or keg to activate that answer.

Then again, this quiz is among the most challenging ones on here with regards to how specific you must be. I welcome that difficulty! So maybe it would be against your artistic vision, haha.