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23,0792017-12-05 Pacific Ocean General Knowledge
3,1232014-10-04Previous home cities of current NBA teams
2,0212014-09-14Countries that have had their current flag for the longest
1,6312015-07-10Countries to have gained independence from the U.K.
1,3712014-09-16Countries with Polar Bears
1,1042014-09-13Europe Geography Quiz
1,0422015-06-04Countries that have had their current flag for the shortest time
8372014-09-13Countries Without an Airport
7762014-10-03World's Largest Passenger Airlines by Fleet Size
7352014-09-15Countries with the highest rates of Poverty
6282014-10-03Countries With the Fewest Number of Tourists
6272014-09-15Countries with the highest coastline:area ratio
6132014-09-13Olympic Countries to Have Never Won a Medal
5922015-03-24Countries With a City Larger Than Their Capital
5642014-10-12Celebrity Couples #1
5342014-09-12South America Geography Quiz
5262014-09-11Oceania Geography Quiz
5202014-09-11North America Geography Quiz
4732014-10-12Where are these celebrities from? #1
4242014-09-15Countries to have won the most Academy Awards for best Foreign Film
3562014-09-16Countries with most vehicles per capita
3212014-10-04Women who appear in Forbes 100 most powerful celebrities
3152014-09-13Tallest Buildings by Country
3092014-09-17Countries with the fewest vehicles per capita
3082014-11-09Where are these celebrities from? #3
2942014-10-12Celebrity Couples #2
2802014-09-12Africa Geography Quiz
2802014-10-12Where are these celebrities from? #2
2562014-09-15Countries that are the most charitable
2502014-09-13Capitals of the British Overseas Territories
2182014-09-12Asia Geography Quiz
1332014-10-11Countries with the highest number of endangered species
1032014-10-13Celebrity Stage Names #1
932014-09-14Countries by longest total land borders
672014-10-12Star and Crescent Country Flags
552015-06-10Foreign Born All Blacks