'Countries' that don't officially exist.

The Country in the left hand column is the country that claims the breakoff to be its own. Most are unlikely to gain independence!
Quiz by Gyrenaica
Last updated: April 22, 2016
First submittedNovember 18, 2013
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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Western Sahara
South Ossetia
United Kingdom
Level 63
Nov 19, 2013
Should accept just Palestine as an option.

Nagorno-Karabakh is misspelled.

Transnistria should be an option for Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Level 52
Feb 16, 2014
Would've gotten a lot more if it accepted more of a variety of answers...good quiz though
Level 36
Nov 20, 2013
Palestine, Kosovo, Abkhazia are all ALREADY an option derp. ill reedit again and resubmit it again even though it has those as an option. so shut up.
Level 36
Dec 12, 2013
Taiwan is accepted for Republic of China if anyone wants to b**ch about that too
Level 49
Oct 8, 2021
Well, Taiwan is the usual name of 'The Republic of China' like would you say Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace or Brunei, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan or Afghanistan?

Also Nagorno-Karabakh is misspelled and same with the above, Artsakh is also the usual name.

Level 68
Dec 23, 2013
No need to be grumpy but if the republic of china wants to break off of china its as if california and nevada called themselves the United States and wanted to breakoff from the United States of America.
Level 84
Aug 13, 2014
There is really no parallel at all to the United States. If Communists took over the country and Barack Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court justices all fled to Hawaii and set up shop there- and then Hawaii became known as the USA but it was the only territory they controlled while the rest of the country became the People's Republic of America, with the new Communist government in Washington claiming that it was the true American government while the president in Congress in Honolulu claimed that they were the true American government..... but everyone stopped calling the Obama/Congress country the USA because it didn't make much sense and instead simply called their country "Hawaii," then.... that would be the same.
Level 79
Jan 15, 2014
Palestine should be accepted and it is not.
Level 36
Jan 16, 2014
IDK why but it doesn't work. I added it when I first made it.
Level 38
May 16, 2014
Please accept "Chechnya" as an alternative spelling for "Chechenia"
Level 84
Aug 13, 2014
Kosovo and Taiwan have gained independence, in spite of whatever China or Serbia might say. They are internationally recognized, they control their own borders, have their own completely autonomous governments, issue their own passports, have their own independent militaries, and Taiwan prints its own currency (Kosovo probably would if not for the Euro) and has its own language. They are independent in every sense of the word. Somaliland (and Puntland, not on the quiz but in the same country) are somewhat autonomous, but that's mostly because the Somali government is so weak it doesn't even control all of Mogadishu.
Level 42
Aug 28, 2014
Would you consider accepting "Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic" (or whatever variants you wish) for Western Sahara?

As I understand it, Western Sahara is the name of the region, and SADR the political entity that claims it and occupies some of it.

Level 58
Jun 4, 2021
"Most are unlikely to gain independence!"

Taiwan, Kosovo, Palestine, Western Sahara who have some recognition and some are even on Countries of the world