Statistics for English Football Crests

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A devil underneeth a three mast ship surrounded by scrolls containing club nameManchester United
An old cannon with a large spoked wheelArsenal
A cockerel standing on a footballTottenham
A shield with the tilted letters FFC in a column down the middleFulham
A Liver Bird standing on a footballLiverpool
A crossed pair of rivet hammersWest Ham
A SwanSwansea City
A blue and white horizontally striped shield below a football and crown with a banner underneath reading "Loftus Road, London, 1882"Queens Park Rangers
A red, and blue trimmed shield. Inside is a bluebird. Under the banner is a Welsh dragonCardiff City
A canary standing on a football in the foreground. Upper left hand corner has crest from the city crest where the club is located.Norwich City
Two seahorses surround a black and white shield with a castle tower on topNewcastle
The top of Prince Rupert's Tower in a blue shield with the numbers 18 and 78 on either side. Underneath, a banner reads the latin phrase "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum".Everton
A blue eagle swoops down to perch on a football at the top of this once standing famous London Landmark which lends its name to the club.Crystal Palace
Red and white vertical striped shield with club name at top and 1863 at the bottom. Banner underneeth reads "The Potters".Stoke City
A shield with an orange tiger's face and the year 1904 belowHull City
A blue and yellow shield with the white rose of York in the upper part. The letters LUFC descend vertically down the middle.Leeds United
A hexagonal orange and black shield with a black Wolf face in the center.Wolverhampton Wanderers
A blue ceremonial lion holding a staff inside of circle with club nameChelsea
A red outline of a tree and wavy landscape. The word "Forest" underneethNottingham Forest
A circular blue and white badge with a fox's face in front of a white flower. Club name bordering the circular bannerLeicester City
A blue outline of an owl with SWFC and 1867 underneath.Sheffield Wednesday
A throstle sitting on a hawthorne branch on a blue and white vertically striped shieldWest Bromwich Albion
The letters BWFC are compacted into a circle shape. Red and Blue streamers trail off from under them.Bolton Wanderers
A black and white circular crest with the club's name. In the middle, a ram with "Est. 1884" underneethDerby County
A 3-mast ship surround by a white circle containing the club's nameManchester City
A circular crest with the club's name on the perimeter. The middle contains a seagull in front of a blue backgroundBrighton and Hove Albion
A black circle bordered by red containing the club name and 1889. In the black circle is the white rose of York and two crossing blades.Sheffield United
A terrier surround by blue heraldry atop of a mantling. A shield near the bottom of the crest displayed two yorkshire white roses and the Castle Hill landmarkHuddersfield Town
A globe and a football stacked vertically with a banner bearing the clubs name wrapped around them.Birmingham City
A Lancashire red rose surrounded by a circle containing club name. At the bottom is the latin phrase "Arte et Labore."Blackburn Rovers
Two black lions on either side of a quartered red and white shield. Two of the quarters contain local landmarks Penshaw Monument and Wearmouth Bridge.Sunderland
A football with a halo over a red and white scarf over a shield with a tree, a river, and a white rose.Southampton
A black and yellow pentagon with the clubs name on a banner above and a red moose's head in the middle of the pentagonWatford
A red, white, and blue crest with the turrets of the Wolsey Gate on the top. The club's name is then below a Suffolk Punch horse with a footballIpswich Town
Star & Crescent on a blue backgroundPortsmouth
A golden lion against a light blue background with the word "prepared" underneethAston Villa
A red and black shield depicting a white silhouette of a man heading a ballAFC Bournemouth
A tree with a crown at the base along with the year 1932. Blue stripes on either side. Surrounded by a circle with club name.Wigan Athletic
A black circular border containing the club's name. Inside, a white arm holding a sword in front of a red backgroundCharlton Athletic
A circular crest with a football in the middle. Quartered sections of the circle include two solid red sections and two blue and white striped ones. In one red segment, a crown. In the other red segment, a Maiwand Lion.Reading
A crest with a blue and white background containing the club name, the year 1895, and an owlOldham Athletic
A red and white crest containing a red lion rampant. Banner underneeth says the club's name and the year 1876Middlesbrough
A shield contains an open hand, a zig zag line said to represent the River Brun, a lion rampart, and some bees. On top, sits a stork with feathers in its mouth and below the shield, a banner with the clubs name Burnley

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