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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
Hayley AtwellAn SSR agent originally stuck doing administrative workPeggy Carter
James D'ArcyHoward Stark's butler and ally to Carter, who will eventually be a tutor to Tony Stark and inspire his J.A.R.V.I.S. artificial intelligenceEdwin Jarvis
Dominic CooperA weapons developer who worked with the SSR during the war but is now a fugitive, having been framed for selling weapons to America's enemies, and one of the weapons he created was Midnight Oil, designed to give soldiers extra stamina during war, but instead it caused psychosis and led to them killing each other, so the U.S. military stole Midnight Oil and used it on the Russians, and Fennhoff blames him for the massacre, so Fennhoff hypnotises him into bombing New York using his guilt over Captain America's fate, but Carter is able to convince him to stop, and he moves on to set up his own film studio in Los AngelesHoward Stark
Chad Michael MurrayA war veteran and agent with the SSRJack Thompson
Enver GjokajA war veteran who is an agent with the SSR and experiences prejudice due to his crippled leg, allowing him to relate to CarterDaniel Sousa
Bridget ReganA Russian sleeper agent disguised as a small-town girl from Iowa who moves next door to Carter and reveals her true allegiance in an attempt to capture Carter, and later escapes after being defeated in a fight with the latter, but she resurfaces in an attempt to raid a bank account, only to be stopped by Carter and the SSR, and while Thompson tries to get more information about her bosses in Leviathan, the FBI show up and transfer her to their custodyDottie Underwood
Wynn EverettThe stage name of Agnes Cully, an actress and a scientific genius forced to hide behind her husband, senatorial candidate Calvin Chadwick, due to the sexism of the age, but when she accidentally absorbs Zero Matter, which leaves her with a Zero Matter scar on her forehead, and the ability to absorb any living thing she touches, and after the gamma cannon purges her of the Zero Matter, Frost goes insane and is committed to an asylumWhitney Frost
Lyndsy FonsecaA waitress and aspiring actress who befriends CarterAngie Martinelli
Shea WhighamThe SSR chief who oversees agents Carter, Thompson, and Sousa, until he dies to save his fellow SSR agentsRoger Dooley
Lotte VerbeekThe "free-spirited wife of Edwin Jarvis", who quickly befriends Carter, but she is later wounded by Whitney Frost which resulted in some internal complications that render her unable to have childrenAna Jarvis
Currie GrahamFrost's husband, owner of Isodyne Energy, member of the Council of Nine, and a senatorial candidate who befriends Vernon Masters and is absorbed by Frost with the Zero Matter after he tries to sacrifice her to the CouncilCalvin Chadwick
Lesley BooneA switchboard operator who works for the SSR in New York and later in Los AngelesRose Roberts
Reggie AustinA scientist for Isodyne, the only company willing to hire him as a black man, who informs Carter of the company's Zero Matter discovery and is rendered invisible and intangible following exposure to the substance, but the Zero Matter is later purged from his body, making him tangible againJason Wilkes
Matt BraungerAn SSR lab tech, who eventually goes out into the field with Carter, Sousa, Jarvis and Roberts to help them retrieve old atomic bombs at Roxxon OilAloysius Samberly
Kurtwood Smith"A veteran of the War Department with a keen understanding of how to work the system", and he is Thompson's mentor and boss in the War Department, and a subordinate of the Council of NineVernon Masters
Meagan FayThe strict proprietor of The Griffith Hotel for Women, a boarding house where Carter livesMiriam Fry
Ken MarinoThe leader of the Maggia crime syndicate branch in Los Angeles who aids Frost, having previously dated herJoseph Manfredi
Kyle BornheimerA misogynistic SSR agent who clashes with Carter and cheats on his wife and is killed by Dottie UnderwoodRay Krzeminski
Ralph BrownA Russian hypnotist working for Leviathan, who infiltrates the SSR under the guise of rescued psychiatrist Dr. Ivchenko, and after being defeated by Thompson and Sousa, he is arrested and gagged, before being imprisoned with Arnim ZolaJohann Fennhoff
Rey ValentinAn SSR agentVega

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