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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
Michael J. FoxThe son of George McFly and Lorraine Baines McFly, who travels between the past and the future, encountering his ancestors and descendantsMarty McFly
Christopher LloydThe inventor of the DeLorean time machine, who also invents a flying, time-traveling trainDr. Emmett "Doc" Brown
Thomas F. WilsonA local bully who harassed George McFly and has once altered historyBiff Tannen
Jeffrey WeissmanThe father of Marty, Linda and Dave from the union with his wife Lorraine Baines McFlyGeorge McFly
Thomas F. WilsonThe main antagonist, who is a great-grandfather of Biff Tannen and the local outlawBuford "Mad Dog" Tannen
Mary SteenburgenThe wife of Doc Brown and mother of Jules and Verne BrownClara Clayton
Elisabeth ShueThe girlfriend and future wife of Marty McFlyJennifer Parker
Lea ThompsonThe wife of George McFly and the mother of Marty, Linda and Dave McFlyLorraine Baines-McFly
James TolkanThe chief marshal of Hill Valley in 1885 and the grandfather of Mr. StricklandMarshal James Strickland
Michael J. FoxAn Irish immigrant and the paternal great-great grandfather of Marty McFlySeamus McFly
FleaAn acquaintance of Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker from Hill Valley High SchoolDouglas J. Needles
Lea ThompsonAn Irish immigrant and the paternal great-great grandmother of Marty McFlyMaggie McFly

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