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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
George ClooneyA billionaire industrialist who witnessed his parents' murder as a young boyBruce Wayne / Batman
Chris O'DonnellThe crime-fighting partner to Batman and ward of Bruce WayneDick Grayson / Robin
Michael GoughThe trusted butler for Bruce Wayne and Dick GraysonAlfred Pennyworth
Uma ThurmanA botanist who becomes a crazed eco-terrorist after being pushed into vials of chemicals, poisons and toxins, which replace her blood with aloe, her skin with chlyrophyll and filled her lips with venom, making her kiss deadlyDr. Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy
Pat HingleThe police commissioner of Gotham CityCommissioner James Gordon
Arnold SchwarzeneggerA Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologist and two-time Olympic decathlete who suffers a terrible accident while trying to cryogenically preserve his terminally ill wifeDr. Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze
Alicia SilverstoneAlfred's niece and a member of the Heroic TrioBatgirl / Barbara Wilson
Robert "Jeep" SwensonPoison Ivy's bodyguard and muscle, who was originally a diminutive serial murdererAntonio Diego / Bane
Vendela KirsebomMr. Freeze's beloved cryogenically-frozen wifeNora Fries
John GloverA deranged scientist who aims to create Venom-powered "supersoldiers" to sell to dictators and warlords in order to make millionsDr. Jason Woodrue
Elizabeth SandersGotham's top gossip columnistGossip Gerty
Vivica A. FoxMr. Freeze's sexy assistant who flirts with him constantlyMs. B. Haven
Elle MacphersonBruce Wayne's girlfriendJulie Madison

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