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A brave and compassionate Iguanodon, and the main protagonist, who is adopted into a family of lemurs (Archaeolemur), and makes sure that the old and weak can survive during the herd's migrationAladar
A selfish Iguanodon who is characterized by a strict adherence to social Darwinism and serves as the leader of the dinosaur herd survivors and believes in survival of the fittest, which repeatedly clashes with Aladar's compassionate mannerKron
A Archaeolemur matriarch who cares for her family, and is the daughter of Yar, the older sister of Zini, the mother of Suri, and the adoptive mother of AladarPlio
Aladar's adoptive sister, Plio's daughter, Zini's niece and Yar's granddaughterSuri
A Archaeolemur patriarch whose occasional gruff demeanor is just a front covering his more compassionate interior and is the father of Plio and Zini, the grandfather of Suri and the adoptive grandfather of AladarYar
Aladar's best friend and wisecracking sidekick who is also the adoptive uncle of Aladar, the uncle of Suri, the younger brother of Plio and the son of YarZini
Kron's domineering second-in-commandBruton
A wizened, elderly and slow-moving StyracosaurusEema
Kron's sister and Aladar's love interestNeera
An elderly, dainty and kind-hearted Brachiosaurus, who is the last of her speciesBaylene
Eema's non-vocal dog-like pet AnkylosaurusUrl

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