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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
Sam NeillThe world-famous paleontologist who survived the incident Isla Nublar and has since developed an apathetic attitude towards the creatures he once admiredDr. Alan Grant
Tea LeoniThe former wife of the above who accompanies the group To Isla Sorna to search for her sonAmanda Kirby
Alessandro NivolaA young and over-enthusiastic graduate student from Grant's dig siteBilly Brennan
Trevor MorganPaul and Amanda's 12-year-old son who is stranded on Isla SornaEric Kirby
William H. MacyThe owner of a hardware store who poses as a wealthy businessman in order to lure Grant into helping search for his sonPaul Kirby
Laura DernA paleobotanist who also survived Isla NublarDr. Ellie Degler
John DiehlA mercenary and weapons specialistCooper
Bruce A. YoungAnother one of the mercenaries, who serves as the group's pilotM. B. Nash
Michael JeterOne of the mercenariesUdesky

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