Statistics for Marvel's Fantastic Four (2015 film) Characters Quiz

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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
Jamie BellWarm, sensitive, a loyal and protective friend, his stone body gives him super-strength and makes him "indestructible"Ben Grimm / The Thing
Michael B. JordanA troublemaker, and thrill-seeker, he has the ability to mentally create and manipulate fire and flyJohnny Storm / Human Torch
Miles TellerAfter being transformed by one of his experiments, he gains the ability to stretch his body into different forms and lengthsReed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
Kate MaraIntelligent, independent and sarcastic, she has the ability to create and manipulate lightSusan "Sue" Storm / Invisible Woman
Toby KebbellA computer technician and computer scientist who is mentored by Dr. Franklin StormVictor von Doom / Doctor Doom
Reg E. CatheyThe biological father of Johnny and adoptive father to SueFranklin Storm
Tim Blake NelsonA scientist who works for the government, and takes part in training the members of the team to hone their abilitiesHarvey Allen

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