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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
Hugh JackmanA Canadian mutant and future X-Men member and often referred as Jimmy by Victor CreedJames Howlett / Logan / Wolverine
Liev SchreiberLogan's mutant half-brother and fellow soldier, who would later become his nemesisVictor Creed
Danny HustonA human military scientist who plans a worldwide genocide of mutants using Xavier and CerebroMajor William Stryker
Taylor KitschA Cajun mutant thief who has the ability to convert the potential energy of any object he touches into kinetic energy, forcing it to explodeRemy LeBeau / Gambit
Ryan ReynoldsA wisecracking mercenary with lethal swordsmanship skill and athleticism, who later becomes DeadpoolWade Wilson
Daniel HenneyA mutant member of the Weapon X program and a superhumanly accurate mercenary with expert tracking abilities and lethal sniper skillsAgent Zero
Lynn CollinsWolverine's native-American (Blackfoot/Niitsítapi) mutant love interest and pawn of StrykerKayla Silverfox
will.i.amA teleporting mutantJohn Wraith
Kevin DurandA mutant with a nearly indestructible layer of skinFred J. Dukes / The Blob
Dominic MonaghanA mutant who can manipulate electricity and electronic objectsChris Bradley
Scott AdkinsA genetically altered mutant killerWeapon XI

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