Statistics for Monsters in the Goosebumps Series by Letter - B

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Book(s) Appearing InDescriptionMonster% Correct
The Blob That Ate EveryoneA huge, pink blob creature with a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and a long, sticky tongueThe Blob Monster
My Best Friend is InvisibleAn invisible boyBrent Green
The Beast from the EastHuge blue koala-like creatures that play a deadly game of tag, in which the loser is eatenBeasts
The Barking GhostThe ghosts of former burglars who are in the form of spectral dogsThe Barking Ghosts
Why I'm Afraid of BeesA swarm of beesThe Bees
Escape from the Carnival of Horrors; Return to the Carnival of HorrorsA round man with a big mustache and is the manager of the Carnival of HorrorsBig Al
Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 1 & 2, Revenge of the Body SqueezersHuge green aliensBody Squeezers
The Curse of the Creeping CoffinThe Most Powerful GhostBrandon Estep
Elevator to NowhereA terrifying race of small mites that render humans into parasitic hostsBugs

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