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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
Johnny DeppCaptain of the Black Pearl who is hunted by the Kraken because of his unpaid blood debt to Davy JonesCaptain Jack Sparrow
Keira KnightleyGovernor Swann's daughter and Will's fiancée, who is arrested on her wedding day for helping Captain Jack Sparrow escapeElizabeth Swann
Orlando BloomA blacksmith-turned-pirate who is trying to retrieve Jack's compass for Lord Beckett in order to secure freedom for himself and ElizabethWill Turner
Bill NighyThe captain of the Flying Dutchman, who is part octopus, part lobster, and part manCaptain Davy Jones
Geoffrey RushThe former captain of the Black PearlCaptain Hector Barbossa
Jack DavenportHe resigned his commission as commodore in the Royal Navy after losing his ship and crew in a hurricane in the pursuit of Jack Sparrow and his crewJames Norrington
Kevin R. McNallyThe Black Pearl's first mate and Jack Sparrow's loyal friend, he once served in the Royal Navy under Lieutenant James NorringtonJoshamee Gibbs
Tom HollanderSarcastic chairman of the East India Trading Company, he travels to Port Royal to capture and recruit Jack Sparrow as a privateerLord Cutler Beckett
Stellan SkarsgardA crewman aboard the Flying Dutchman who also happens to be Will Turner's fatherWilliam "Bootstrap Bill" Turner Sr.
Jonathan PryceElizabeth's father and governor of Port RoyalGovernor Weatherby Swann
Lee ArenbergA pirate and former Black Pearl crew member under Captain Barbossa, he was imprisoned after the Aztec curse was broken, but escaped to rejoin Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl crewPintel
David BailieA sailor on the Black Pearl who lost his tongue and trained his parrot Tiki Macaw to talk for himCotton
Mackenzie CrookPintel's inseparable crewmateRagetti
Naomie HarrisAn obeah priestess with whom Jack Sparrow bartered for his magic compassTia Dalma
Martin KlebbaA short sailor on the Black PearlMarty
David SchofieldLord Beckett's right-hand-manMercer

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