US Presidents - In Other Words

Identify the US President's last name the clue refers to. Clues may be pop-culture references, puns, geographic references, or rebuses.
Linguistic liberties taken in some cases
Quiz by agvii
Last updated: May 6, 2020
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Indiana Jones actor's last name
Idiom: Place where birds are worth half as much
Bush ("A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.")
Eisenhower ("I"s in "HOWER")
Known for movin' on up to the East Side
Jefferson (TV: "The Jeffersons")
Big in Wisconsin
Madison (Largest city in Wisconsin)
Han Solo actor's first name
Harrison (Ford)
Odd cartoon family
Adams ("The Addams Family")
Away from T'bow?
Taft (bow is opposite aft on a ship)
Wrote "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Adams (author Douglas Adams)
A ghost's heavy artillery?
Buchanan (boo cannon)
Gavin Rossdale band
"ABC" 5
Jackson (Jackson 5 sang "ABC")
Transports cargo with horses' help
Head on a dime
Roosevelt (F.D.R)
That dude isn't fake
Truman (true man)
Idiom: Don't buy a pig in one of these
Polk ("A pig in a poke.")
Center of Houston, Texas
Johnson (Johnson Space Center)
Split the earth
Cleveland (cleave land)
Director Eastwood atop?
Clinton (Clint on)
Where doves go for higher education?
Coolidge (coo-llege - college)
What to do if there's not enough in something
Fillmore (fill more)
Loves lasagna and hates Mondays
Garfield (cartoon cat)
Amy, Cary, or Hugh
Beatle George
Mist or fog
Hayes (haze)
1947 rename of Boulder Dam
Hoover (Hoover Dam)
Passenger vehicle set ablaze?
Van Buren ("van burn")
Known for his round table
Arthur (King Arthur)
Puttin' a chain together
Lincoln (linkin')
Tom Hank's only friend for four years (2000 film)
Wilson (volleyball from "Cast Away")
The first Playmate
Monroe (Marilyn Monroe)
The best in bridge
Trump (trump suit of cards)
Lee, who is family to me?
McKinley ("my kin, Lee")
Laundering 2,000 lbs.
Washington (washing ton)
Ohio's second city by population
Cleveland (city in Ohio)
Vetoin' or cancellin'
Nixon (nixing)
Disappointment in the Crimson Tide?
Obama ("oh, Bama!")
Tattoo artists do it thousands of times
What Marvin the Martian pointed at Bugs Bunny
Reagan ("ray gun")
Grassland with prickly red flowers
Roosevelt ("rose veldt")
"Shake It Off" Swift
Taylor (Taylor Swift)
Figure skater turned boxer
Harding (Tonya Harding)
Magic Laker
Johnson (Earvin "Magic" Johnson of the L.A. Lakers)
Sparring partner Durden (1999 film)
Tyler (Tyler Durden from "Fight Club")
Center of Cape Canaveral, Florida
Kennedy (Kennedy Space Center)
Level 74
May 10, 2020
*Madison is the second largest city in Wisconsin
Level 55
May 12, 2020
True, Madison is not the biggest city in Wisconsin, but as the second largest and the state capital, I stand by it being "big in Wisconsin". On an unrelated note, great user name!