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3632015-07-22NHL Hockey Teams Quiz
1972016-01-23Canada Quiz
1902015-06-10All Team Canada Players (Men)
1102016-01-04All QMJHL Teams Quiz
942016-01-04All OHL Teams Quiz
932016-07-02All Hart Memorial Trophy Winners
872016-07-02All Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Winners (Men)
772016-01-04AHL Hockey Team Quiz
712015-12-06NHL Mosts Quiz
702019-03-26All Frank J. Selke Trophy Winners
692016-01-04All WHL Teams Quiz
602016-08-29All Ottawa Senators Players + Staff and Other Members Quiz
572016-07-02All Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Winners (Women)
532016-04-02Ottawa Senators Trivia
452016-07-02All Olympic Hockey Silver Medal Winners (Men)
412019-03-26All Vezina Trophy Winners (Since 1980)
412016-06-18All Prince Of Wales Trophy Winners
362016-07-02All Olympic Hockey Bronze Medal Winners (Men)
312019-03-26All NHL Video Game Cover Winners
302016-06-18All Stanley Cup Winners
262016-07-02All Olympic Hockey Silver Medal Winners (Women)
252016-07-02All Olympic Hockey Bronze Medal Winners (Women)
222019-03-26All James Norris Memorial Trophy Winners (Since 1980)
202019-03-27All Calder Memorial Trophy Winners (Since 1980)
152019-03-26All Conn Smythe Trophy Winners (Since 1980)
132016-06-18All Maurice ''Rocket'' Richard Trophy Winners
132015-11-08Canadian Attractions Quiz
102016-06-18All Art Ross Trophy Winners
102019-03-26All President's Trophy Winners
82019-03-26All Jacks Adams Award Winners
62019-03-26NHL Nation Exclusive Cover Athletes
52019-03-26All Ted Lindsay Award Winners (Since 1980)
42019-03-26All NHL General Manager of the Year Award Winners
32015-12-05All NHL Plus-Minus Award Winners
22016-07-02All Bill Masterson Memorial Trophy Winners
22015-10-31All Team Canada (Women) Players
22016-07-02All Clarence S. Campbell Bowl Winners
22019-03-27All Lady Byng Memorial Trophy Winners (Since 1980)
22016-07-02All King Clancy Memorial Trophy Winners
22016-07-02All William M. Jennings Trophy Winners
12019-03-26All Mark Messier Leadership Award Winners
12019-03-26All NHL Foundation Player Award Winners
02015-12-05All Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award Winners
02016-07-02All E.J McGuire Award of Excellence Winners
02015-12-05All O'Brien Trophy Winners