Statistics for The History of Medieval Europe - 14th century

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1347 - Beginning of this most devastating pandemics that will kill one third of the European population in the 14th centuryBlack death
1309 - The French Pope Clement V moves the Papacy from Rome to this city of the Kingdom of ArlesAvignon
1378 - The war of Chioggia begins. It is the fouth war between Venice and this other Italian cityGenoa
1346 - The first of three great English victories during the Hundred Years' WarCrecy
1321 - Death of this exiled Florentine poet who had placed Pope Bonifacius VIII in the Eighth Circle of Hell among the simoniacs in his Divine ComedyDante Alighieri
1397 - Beginning of this personal union that joined under a single monarch the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and NorwayKalmar union
1389 - This battle of great symbolic importance for Serbia takes place between an army led by the Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović and an invading army of the Ottoman EmpireKosovo
1302 - First meeting of this legislative and consultative assembly that was created by Philipp IV of France to strengthen his legitimacy in reaction to the papal bull "Ausculta fili"Estates General
1399 - Beginning of this new dynasty with the accession of Henry IV to the throne of EnglandLancastrian
1356 - This decree, issued by the Imperial Diet at Nuremberg and Metz, fixes important aspects of the constitutional structure of the Holy Roman Empire for a period of more than four hundred yearsGolden Bull
1378 - A split begins within the Catholic Church in which two, or even three, men simultaneously claim to be the true pope.Western Schism
1358 - This popular revolt by peasants takes place in northern France in the early summer in the context of the Hundrer Years' WarJacquerie
1314 - This Greatmaster of the Knight Templars is burned at the stake in Paris. That same years sees the death of his enemies: Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of FranceJacques de Molay
1396 - This battle marks the end of the Second Bulgarian Empire and the beginning of the Ottoman rule in Bulgaria that lasted until 1878Nicopolis
1367 - This medieval military alliance against Denmark is formed by cities of the Hanseatic League on their meeting called Hansetag in CologneConfederation of Cologne

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