Statistics for The History of Medieval Europe - 9th century

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808 - The Taoist priest Qing Xuzi mentions the formula for this chemical explosive in his Taishang Shengzu Jindan Mijue: six parts sulfur to six parts saltpeter to one part birthwort herb. It will be centuries until it reaches the European battlefields howevergunpowder
845 - This city of the Kingdom of Charles the Bald is besieged by the Vikings of Ragnar LodbrokParis
827 - The first permanent Arab settlement is established on this Byzantine ruled island of the Mediterranean seaSicily
882 - Oleg, a descendant of the Varangian chieftain Riurik, conquers this Slavic cityKiev
871 - This prince, who was confirmed in Rome by Pope Leo IV as a child, succeeds his father Æthelwulf as King of WessexAlfred
896 - This people, led by Árpád, settles the Carpathian Basin and begins incursions to Western EuropeMagyar
885 - This Viking, who will become the first ruler of Normandy, leads the siege of ParisRollo
ca. 859 - This cradle of Russian statehood is first mentionned in the chronicles as well as the Varangian chieftain RiurikNovgorod
843 - This treaty ends the three-year Caroligian Civil War between the three grand-sons of CharlemagneVerdun
800 - This Pope crowns Charlemagne emperor in Rome on the 25th of DecemberLeo III
869 - The 8th Catholic Ecumenical Council is held in this city to remedy a schismatic situationConstantinople
864 - This ruler of Bulgaria, regarded as a saint in the Orthodox Church, converts to ChristianityBoris
887 - This son of Louis the German, who purchased peace with Vikings raiders twice, accepts his depositionCharles III
842 - Mutual pledges of allegiance between Louis the German, ruler of East Francia, and his half-brother, Charles the Bald, are signed in this cityStrasburg
870 - This treaty is an agreement between Louis the German and Charles the Bald to share the territories of the heirs of their late brother Lothair IMersen

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