US Presidents Trivia Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. Each event occurred under or is related to a specific president.
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Last updated: August 29, 2015
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Dred Scott v. Sandford
James Buchanan
Wounded Knee massacre
Benjamin Harrison
Missouri Compromise
James Monroe
Free Speech Movement
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Golden Spike
Ulysses S. Grant
Homestead Act
Abraham Lincoln
Good Neighbor Policy
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Haymarket Square riot
Grover Cleveland
Tecumseh was his military adversary
William Henry Harrison
Federal Reserve Act
Woodrow Wilson
Kitchen Debate
Richard Milhous Nixon
Checkpoint Charlie crisis
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The Battle of Buena Vista
Zachary Taylor
Seward's Folly
Andrew Johnson
Dr. C. Everett Koop
Ronald Reagan
Standard Oil Company found to violate the Sherman Antitrust Act
William Howard Taft
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Barack Hussein Obama
Pendleton Act
Chester Alan Arthur
Sinclair's The Jungle
Theodore Roosevelt
Treaty of Ghent
James Madison
Teapot Dome
Warren Gamaliel Harding
"Who lost China?"
Harry S. Truman
Tariff of Abominations
John Quincy Adams
William Jefferson Clinton
Fugitive Slave Act
Milliard Fillmore
Whip Inflation Now (WIN)
Gerald Rudolph Ford
XYZ Affair
John Adams
Manuel Noriega
George Herbert Walker Bush
Forty-ninth Parallel
James Knox Polk
Nat Turner's Rebellion
Andrew Jackson
The Little Rock Nine
Dwight David Eisenhower
The Bonus March
Herbert Clark Hoover
Removed last federal troops from the South
Rutherford Birchard Hayes
Kellogg–Briand Pact
Calvin Coolidge
Was shot in front of the 16th President's son
James Abram Garfield
The Trail of Tears
Martin Van Buren
The Whiskey Rebellion
George Washington
"Remember the Maine!"
William McKinley
Leopard attack on the Chesapeake
Thomas Jefferson
The Gadsen Purchase
Franklin Pierce
Three Mile Island
Jimmy Carter
Medicare Part D
George Walker Bush
Disowned by his own political party
John Tyler
Level 67
Dec 16, 2013
I tried "Coolidge" for the Kellogg-Briand Pact without success.
Level 25
Dec 16, 2013
My bad, I forgot to add Coolidge as an acceptable answer. I'll change it. Thanks for letting me know.
Level 18
Apr 27, 2021
For those who got the Gadsden Purchase wrong, search "Gadsden Purchase Jimmy Fallon." As a history buff, it was some of the best four minutes of my life.