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Premier League Relegated Teams0-4.7199,128
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Countries Bordering France0-4.89328,649
All EPL Teams Ever0-4.53210,556
UK Immigration by Country0-4.93115,007
Countries Bordering Germany0-4.99300,905
EPL Teams That Played Every Season0-4.38110,957
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Countries "Ruled" by King Charles III0-4.7366,987
Ultimate Harry Potter Name Game0-4.96434,442
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2025 Football League Teams0-4.94302,986
Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great0-4.9293,937
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Ligue 1 Champions0-4.1339,045
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2025 English Premier League Teams0-4.78621,161
Biggest Cities in Germany0-4.94234,009
Holy Roman Empire Countries0-4.5738,727
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Germany Country Quiz0-4.86118,937
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England 1966 FIFA World Cup Squad0-3.455,859
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Regions of Spain Map Quiz0-4.96155,204
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Word Scramble - U.K. Cities0-4.5260,456
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World Capitals Closest to London0-4.8487,611
Europe Map Quiz0-4.993,832,244
France Immigration by Country0-4.8161,589
Cristiano Ronaldo Trivia0-4.2936,331
United Kingdom Country Quiz0-4.96103,130
British Cities with the Most Tourists0-4.5650,676
Countries Closest to the United Kingdom A-Z0-4.94154,087
Countries Bordering Spain0-4.5756,781
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Champions League Top 40-4.8481,494
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Regions of France0-4.6785,838
Parts of the United Kingdom0-4.8376,359
States of Germany0-4.95102,654
Germany A-Z0-4.5044,991
Biggest Cities once in the Roman Empire0-4.6659,960
Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-4.811,026,843
Soccer Teams David Beckham Played For0-3.8853,779
Canary Islands0-4.5915,217
English Cities With Multiple Football Teams0-4.4150,641
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Largest Cities in Alexander's Empire0-4.4436,387
Berlin City Trivia0-4.709,033
Biggest Cities once in the Spanish Empire0-4.8147,322
British Geography Quiz #10-4.4242,191
Champions League All-Time Table0-4.0495,525
Bundesliga Champions0-4.0127,940
Biggest Cities in Germany - Extreme0-4.8639,869
UK Cities and Towns by Map0-4.5539,893
Biggest Cities in the UK0-4.4282,537
Teams that Beat England in Football0-4.7165,319
European Capitals - Map Quiz0-4.9894,445
World Capitals Closest to Madrid0-4.4739,274
50 Busiest Air Routes from London0-4.8976,076
Countries of Premier League Players0-4.41134,945
Largest Islands in the British Isles With a Map0-4.5426,839
Biggest Roman Empire Countries0-4.8475,495
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20 Northernmost English Cities0-4.4821,799
Zone 1 London Underground Stations - With a Map0-4.9341,030
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Biggest British Empire Countries0-4.5261,523
Biggest Spanish Empire Countries0-4.7883,257
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Countries that Visit France the Most0-4.6635,269
Countries that Visit the UK the Most0-4.8441,605
Geography of the Spanish Empire0-4.3532,520
Biggest Trading Partners - UK0-4.8950,668
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100 Biggest Cities in Italy on a Map0-4.8448,416
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Iceland... or Ireland?0-4.5338,128
UK Rivers Map Quiz0-4.5324,778
100 Biggest Cities in Germany on a Map0-4.9056,351
Counties of the UK and Ireland0-4.9582,676
Countries in the Byzantine Empire0-4.9160,265
100 Biggest Cities and Towns in the UK0-4.9570,581
Modern-Day Countries of the Roman Empire on a Map0-4.9996,520
British Geography Quiz #30-4.5125,117
Modern Day Countries of Austria-Hungary on a Map0-4.9877,179
James Bond Countries Visited Map0-4.9945,605
British Football Team Logos0-4.0746,898
Modern-Day Countries of the British Empire in 19210-4.9987,540
Andorra Country Quiz0-4.8823,986
Biggest Cities and Towns in England - 1377 AD0-4.5822,334
Sweden Immigration by Country0-4.5138,098
Greenland Country Quiz0-4.7728,511
100 Biggest Cities in Spain on a Map0-4.5629,376
Germany Immigration by Country0-4.7845,641
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Vatican City Country Quiz0-4.4633,258
German Cities with the Most Tourists0-4.5925,854
Random Cities Near Paris on a Map0-4.4630,356
French Geography Quiz #10-4.8226,589
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Florence City Trivia0-4.449,939
Amsterdam Trivia0-4.4613,443