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YearDescriptionBattle% Correct
1937 CEBattle between Chinese and Japanese, ending in Japanese victory and preceding massacre of Chinese, including civilians; often given the title "Rape"Battle of Nanking
1943 CELast strategic offensive Nazi Germany was able to mount against the Soviet Union in WWIIBattle of Kursk
1945 CEAllied attacks on Japanese in the Ryukyu Islands in WWII, including the largest amphibious assault in the War in the PacificBattle of Okinawa
1861 CEFirst major battle of the American Civil War, won by ConfederatesFirst Battle of Bull Run
1775 CEPyrrhic British victory against fortified American revolutionaries during Siege of BostonBattle of Bunker Hill
9 CERomans ambushed and massacred by Germanic tribes in modern day GermanyBattle of the Teutoburg Forest
1801 CEClose-run British naval victory over Danish during Napoleonic Wars; involved Horatio Nelson though not as the main commanderBattle of Copenhagen
1870 CEGerman victory over French in Franco-Prussian War; capture of Emperor Napoleon III resulted in end of Second French Empire, effective German victory in Franco-Prussian War and start of the French Third RepublicBattle of Sedan
1914 CEKnown as a "Miracle", an Allied victory against the Central Powers on the Western Front during WWI; is generally perceived to have prevented success of Schlieffen Plan and therefore Germany's attempt to knock France out before Russia could mobilise and open a two-front war against themFirst Battle of the Marne
378 CEGoths defeat the Eastern Roman Empire and kill their emperor, Valens; the battle is considered by some to have led to the fall of the Western Roman EmpireBattle of Adrianople
1879 CEDecisive Zulu victory over British in Anglo-Zulu War, despite British technological superiorityBattle of Isandlwana
1187 CEMajor battle won by Ayyubids under Saladin against Crusaders; resulted in Guy of Lusignan, the King of Jerusalem's capture, though he was sparedBattle of Hattin
405 BCESpartan naval victory led by Lysander against Athens which ended the Peloponnesian WarBattle of Aegospotami
1759 CEBritish and German allied troops beat French and Saxon troops; notable for a misunderstanding resulting in British infantry advancing in lines to attack French cavalry, only for the British infantry to destroy the French cavalry; part of Britain's Annus Mirabilis of 1759Battle of Minden
1643 CEFrench victory over Spanish in Thirty Years' War; considered to mark the downfall of the idea of the "invincible" tercioBattle of Rocroi

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