Statistics for BioShock Series Characters

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Objectivist founder of the underwater city of RaptureAndrew Ryan
Man who crash-lands into Rapture's vicinity after it's fall and is forced to fight his way through the city, the player character of BioShockJack
Leader of the lower-class rebels who rise up in the Rapture Civil WarAtlas
The primary business rival of the above, known for his shady business practicesFrank Fontaine
Insane artist who controls Fort Frolic and forces the player character to help create his macabre masterpieceSander Cohen
German scientist, discoverer of ADAM and creator of the Little SistersBrigid Tenenbaum
Mysterious and powerful girl imprisoned in Columbia's Monument Tower, who is freed by the player leading to the downfall of ColumbiaElizabeth
Disgraced former soldier and Pinkerton agent, who travels to the city of Columbia in order to find and rescue a girl and clear his gambling debts, player character of BioShock InfiniteBooker DeWitt
Psychiatrist reluctantly invited to Rapture by its founder, who challenges his principles and creates the communalist Rapture Family which takes over the city after his deathDr. Sofia Lamb
Deranged surgeon who controls the Medical PavilionDr. J.S. Steinman
Leading scientist in Rapture and pioneer of many plasmids and the pair bond between Little Sisters and their Big DaddysDr. Yi Suchong
Zealous founder of the floating city of Columbia, a theocratic, racist, authoritarian society with a distinctly American flavorZachary Hale Comstock
Alpha Series Big Daddy who is resurrected to fight the Rapture Family, player character of BioShock 2Subject Delta
Giant mechanical creation who acts as the jailor for the girl imprisoned in Monument TowerThe Songbird
The imprisoned and experimented upon daughter of the above, former Little Sister of the player characterEleanor Lamb
Southern accented businessman who aids the player and eventually is forced to fight against himAugustus Sinclair
Leader and founder of the Vox Populi, a group of rebels drawn from Columbia's lower classes, determined to bring down the city's regime and its inequalityDaisy Fitzroy
Leading businessman and industrialist of Columbia, who developed the Vigors and whose methods of production rely on cheap, coerced laborJeremiah Fink
Wife of the above, who is murdered to conceal the secrets she knew about the city's foundingLady Comstock
"Twin brother" of the aboveRobert Lutece
Quantum physicist whose research allowed for the creation of Columbia, and who was then betrayed by its founderRosalind Lutece
Scientist who developed the Big Sisters and is transformed by ADAM in his experiments into a massive, fleshy abominationDr. Gilbert Alexander
Chinese gunsmith, whose well-being and machinery become very important to the player characterChen Lin
Former blues singer who controls the impoverished Pauper's Drop region for the Rapture FamilyGrace Holloway
Lover of Rapture's founder who bears his child and is then killed by him out of rageJasmine Jolene
Rapture's leading botanist, maintainer of Arcadia and creator of the Lazarus VectorDr. Julie Langford
Former soldier and associate of the player who rises up against Columbia's founder when he begins taking credit for the achievements of othersCornelius Slate
Lover of Rapture's founder who eventually joins the rebel forcesDiane McClintock
Agent of Rapture's founder who infiltrated the Family, leading to the imprisonment of its leader and the flooding of Dionysus ParkStanley Poole
Girl adopted by the player character of Burial at Sea who then disappears and becomes a Little Sister, leading to the events of the gameSally
Man who comes to Rapture from the surface to find his kidnapped daughter Cindy, and is turned into a Big Daddy as a resultMark Meltzer
Entrepreneurial brothers who end up as pseudo-religious leaders of the Rapture Family and control Siren's AlleyThe Wales Brothers
Former head of Rapture's maintenance and friend of the city's founder, who he attempts to kill when the Civil War gets out of controlBill McDonagh

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