The Soviet Union- Early 20th Century

Answer these questions about the Soviet Union during the early 20th century based off of the clues supplied.
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The communists before the revolution
Bolshevik newspaper
The purest ruling system of the people
A harsh peace treaty between the Soviet Union and Germany that resulted in many Soviet resources and land being lost
The Treaty of Brest Litovsk
Formerly St. Petersburg, this city suffered casualties of more the 600,000 people as the result of a Nazi siege
Organization linking all Communists
Trade organization among communist states
Created to coordinate and organize the Soviet Economy and allocate resources for the Five Year Plans
A revival of the Comintern
Forcing communists on peasants
War Communism
A mass execution of Polish Nationals
The Katyn Massacre
Policy accused of being pro-capitalist
The Chinese Communist party united to fight the Japanese
Second United Front
Influential group of seven policy makers
Controlled more mundane aspects of running the party
Chose the members of the Poiltburo
Governments composed of leftist parties
Popular Front
Leader of the NKVD who was executed after Stalin's death
Lavrenti Beria
The Party manages all aspects of the country
Dictatorship of the Party
The people manage all aspects of the country
Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Granted numerous personal freedoms unless those freedoms interfered with the integrity of the country
Constitution of 1936
A ploy by Stalin to crush dissent
The Great Terror
Show trials in which "experts" were convicted of breaking machinery used in coal mining
The Shakhty Trials
Murdered for his denouncement of the NEP
Banned by the Party, reinstated after World War Two
Russian Orthodox Church
A Russian retreat from Poland and Galicia during World War I
The Great Retreat
Followers named after a man that mined 227 tons of coal in a single shift
Murdered for his denouncement of the punishment of Riutin
Editor of Pravda who was executed in 1938
Nikolai Bukharin
These two members of the Politburo formed a troika against Trotsky but later joined forces with him to create the United Opposition against Stalin
Kamenev and Zinoviev
Stalin's archenemy
Leon Trotsky
Where Lenin proposed the Resolution on Party Unity
10th Party Congress (1921)
A document written by Lenin before his death detailing future changes to the leadership and structure of the Soviet Union's government
Lenin's Testament
Opposed to the NEP
Left Deviationists
Supported the NEP
Right Deviationists
The fear that the Soviet Union was surrounded by enemies
The War Scare
Policies that sought to bring the Soviet Union into the industrial age
5 Year Plans
The claim that collectivization had been pushed ahead too quickly by party officials who were ...
"Dizzy With Success"
The common people in the Soviet Union
The upper middle class in the Soviet Union
The original leader of the Soviet Union
Vladimir Lenin
Replaced Lenin as the leader of the Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin
Denounced Stalin but continued many of his policies
Nikita Khrushchev
Level 39
Aug 25, 2018
Anyone who knows to write Brest Litovsk and Katyn knows they are, respectively, a treaty and a massacre. The qualifiers shouldn't be necessary.