Haikyuu! Anime Series Quiz #2

Take your flight as a raven into a higher level.
Quiz by deekei
Last updated: February 5, 2016
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In what episode of Season 2 did they start using their new opening and closing song?
Episode 14
What is Johzenji's tagline in their banners?
Simplicity and Fortitude
Who desperately tries to get Kiyoko's number?
Yuji Terushima
What color is Fukurodani's jersey? (dominant color)
Blue Green
Who paired up with Sugawara in the match against Johzenji when Kageyama and Hinata were pulled out?
Kazuhito Narita
What is the jersey number of the player who attacked the ball in Kageyama's face?
What is the most common thing used as target materials for practicing service, attacks and sets?
Plastic Bottles
What is Yamaguchi's position aside from being a pinch server?
Middle Blocker
What does Hinata call a "special attack" which he learned from Bokuto?
The two meter first year.
Yudai Hyakuzawa
From what team is the two meter first year?
Kakugawa High
Johzenji's 3rd year manager
Hana Misaki
Johzenji's 1st year manager
Runa Kuribayashi
The team full of tough guys whom Karasuno beat first in the Spring High qualifiers
Ougiminami High School
The former captain of the tough guys team who has a weird hair bun and motivates his team to stop acting tough
Noboru Akimiya
The tough guys team present captain whom Hinata met along the toilet
Yoshiki Towada
Wakunan's team captain whom always his family watching his games
Takeru Nakashima
Tanaka-like long-haired guy from Wakunan. Wearing number 2
Shunki Kawatabi
What is the name of the arena the Spring Tournament Qualifiers is being held?
Sendai City Gymnasium
Aside from Wakutani Minami, Wakunan is also called?
Wakutani South High School
What new object did Tsukishima get from his brother which Hinata noticed in their Johzenji match?
What type of practice does Johzenji usually do?
Haiba Lev is half-Japanese half?
Who helped Hinata and Kageyama reach the Tokyo Practice Games after their make-up exams?
Saeko Tanaka
What is the punishment for every set loss in the first Tokyo Training Camp in Nekoma?
One Lap of Diving Drills
The second Tokyo Away Games was held in?
Shinzen High School
What specific volleyball skill is Ubugawa good at?
How many sets did Karasuno lose in the Summer Training Camp?
What broken thing in the stockroom did Sugawara insist on not throwing because of its memories
Floor Mop
Nishinoya's first appearance of the show was him receiving which player's serve?
Kageyama Tobio
After the Summer Training Camp, what did the players and the staff eat as offered by Nekomata?
Who was pulled out of the game after an injury at the last part of the first set of Karasuno and Wakunan match?/
Daichi Sawamura
How many official members does the Yukigaoka Junior High Volleyball Club have before Hinata graduated?
Some members of Karasuno mistaken a transmission tower for?
Tokyo Tower
How many episodes does Season 1 have?
What color is Yachi's hair?
Yutaro Kindaichi is also called _______ because of the shape of his head
Turnip Head
What is the score of the third set of the Seijo-Karasuno match in the Inter High Prelims? (Higher-Lower)
When a player plays Wing Spiker in the front line, he is called a?
What does Hinata also call Oikawa?
The Great King
Bonus Question: Guess my favorite player from Karasuno!
Nishinoya Yu
Level 42
Mar 20, 2018
it was v fun except fukurodani's uniforms are black and white, not blue green!
Level 16
Sep 23, 2020
Fukurodani uniforms are mainly black and white

Also, Ohgaminami is actually correct as well