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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user donkeyman314.
# of Quizzes 33
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Times taken 13,972
Quizmaker Rank # 1,255
4,4602019-09-01Ultimate Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) House Quiz
2,3662014-08-13Harry Potter - Hogwarts Subjects and Staff
1,6542015-03-24'Word Puzzle' - Harry Potter Characters
9712016-02-19Harry Potter Decoder 1
8542015-03-24Countries with Missing Letters
5072015-06-18Call of Duty: Zombies Quiz
4722014-05-29'The Big Bang Theory' Characters' Names
4122014-05-04Wizards of Middle Earth
3832014-08-13The United Kingdom
3202014-04-21British and English Monarchs
3132014-01-01Harry Potter Randomness
1952014-05-04Random Acronyms
1322016-10-25Towns of the English Lake District
1042017-11-30Biggest Cities in England by County
902018-11-07Counties of Northern Ireland by Picture
902016-12-23The Finest Harry Potter Wand Quiz Since 382 B.C.
872022-05-25A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) - Groups of Things
722017-12-06Residential Colleges of Yale University
562019-03-24National Rail Stations in Cumbria
552022-06-06A Game of Names - ASOIAF Nickname Quiz
532020-04-11Random History Decoder Quiz
442014-05-01Countries' Official Names
382016-10-23A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) Geography - South of Valyria
382015-05-08Critically Endangered Animal Species
372019-03-20Districts and Boroughs of Cumbria Quiz
322018-11-07Counties of England by Picture
242020-06-27Counties of England by Town #1
222018-11-06UK National Parks by Picture
212020-06-28Counties of England by Town #3
212020-06-27Counties of England by Town #2
182018-11-07British Isles by Picture
182018-11-07Counties of Wales by Picture
132018-11-07Historic Counties of Scotland by Picture