History by Letter - G

Can you name these historical people, places, and things beginning with the letter G?
Quiz by Geoguy
Last updated: December 11, 2019
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First submittedMay 26, 2014
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Person who is considered the Father of the Nation of India
Mohandas Gandhi
Julius Caesar's first name
Country where the Parthenon is located
Argentinian Marxist who wore a beret with a star on it
Che Guevara
U.S. Civil War battle in Pennsylvania
Style of architecture exemplified by Notre-Dame de Paris
1949 agreement on the rules of war
Geneva Convention
Area of Cuba leased to the U.S. in 1903
Guantánamo Bay
Region conquered by Julius Caesar
Italian astronomer who improved the telescope
Galileo Galilei
Term for a Nepalese fighter in the British army
U.S. President who was assassinated
James Garfield
Archipelago where Darwin found his finches
Galápagos Islands
Notable Nazi propagandist
Joseph Goebbels
Calendar that started in 1582 and is named for a Pope
Gregorian Calendar
Turkish peninsula where ANZAC troops suffered massive casualties in WWI
The secret police of Nazi Germany
The first man in space
Yuri Gagarin
Inventor of the printing press
Johannes Gutenberg
French decapitation machine
Enemies of the Ghibellines
Name for the Soviet prison camp system
Level 48
Jun 1, 2014
I wonder if we would know about the Ghibellines et al if it wasn't for Dante.
Level 56
Jul 18, 2014
Once again I'm bothered by the English name being the only accepted version. In several languages Gaul is called Gallia, including Latin.

Also, I would've never guessed Che Guevara was Argentinian, I only knew him from the Cuban revolution.

Level 41
Jul 18, 2014
Indeed, Gaul is "Gallia" in Latin, but this quiz is in English - would you say that the UK's capital is called Londinium, of France's Lutetia Parisiorum? (:
Level 37
Aug 14, 2014
Seriously? You guys only know it as Gallia and don't know it as Gaul?
Level 83
Nov 27, 2015
I know it as Gaul, but I thought of Gallia first.
Level 56
Dec 26, 2016
We didn't learn history from English-language textbooks, that's why. Estonians have adopted the Latin name "Gallia" for the region.
Level 65
Nov 19, 2022
be content with the content

prost! 🍺

Level 41
Jul 18, 2014
I do believe "Ernesto Guevara" should be accepted as a correct answer, since it is (:
Level 58
Jul 6, 2021
I saw “Marxist” and “beret wearer” and guessed Groucho. 🥸
Level 58
Dec 22, 2021
The beret gave it away for me.

I don't think that many people would benefit from accepting "Ernesto Guevara" since he ist most commonly known as "Che Guevara".

Most likely anyone who knows his real name would as well get the idea to try just "Guevara", since the first letter G is the topic of this quiz.

Level 53
Jul 18, 2014
Thank you for allowing Gitmo instead of Guantanamo.
Level 44
Jul 18, 2014
Are the Guelphs who Guelph, Ontario Canada was named after? Good quiz, missed two -- Guelphs & Gurkhas.
Level 69
Mar 10, 2016
Same two I missed!
Level 84
Jul 22, 2014
Not all Gaul was conquered by the Romans. A certain coastal village in Armorica...
Level 58
Dec 26, 2016
With a certain magic potion...
Level 14
Jan 18, 2020
the first man on the moon was neil armstrong duh
Level 67
Jan 21, 2020
It asks for the first man *in space,* which was Yuri Gagarin.
Level 67
Jan 30, 2020
Level 78
Apr 10, 2020
yeah duh read the question carefully duh
Level 67
Jan 30, 2020
Level 51
Mar 22, 2020
You should add "ghetto" to this. I think they're an important part of history.
Level 83
Feb 21, 2024
I'm not sure this quiz is meant to be an exhaustive list of every important person, place, event, idea, or item throughout all of human history which happens to begin with the letter G.
Level 61
May 11, 2020
Isn't it supposed to be Geneva Conventions (plural)?
Level 64
Oct 23, 2020
I would like to thank all the history YouTubers for teaching me about the Ghibellines and the Guelphs. If you're unfamiliar, you should totally check out Oversimplified's video on the War of the Bucket, which is a historical event just as ridiculous as it sounds.
Level 24
Dec 6, 2021
YE their channel is dammm nice… i alr watched all of their vids lmaoo
Level 24
Dec 23, 2021
Gulag was not a prison camp system, it was a control organization, a headquarter.
Level ∞
Dec 10, 2023

"English-language speakers also use the word gulag in reference to each of the forced-labor camps that existed in the Soviet Union"

Level 59
Dec 25, 2022
Would 'Gaeus' be acceptable for Caesar's birth name?
Level 51
Jan 14, 2023
Easy one