Closest City Pairs #2

For each city, name the nearest city that has an urban-area population greater than 1 million.
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Quiz by relessness
Last updated: January 29, 2018
First submittedJune 24, 2014
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City 1
City 2
Ciudad Juarez
El Paso
City 1
City 2
New York City
Hong Kong
Guatemala City
San Salvador
Level 81
Dec 7, 2014
Damascus is in the first of these quizzes as well. Also it's "Ciudad Juarez"
Level 47
Jan 30, 2017
Yes please replace Damascus
Level 75
Dec 8, 2014
Isn't Fort Worth closest to Dallas? Perhaps it would be worth making clear that the small print on's website next to Dallas says "includes Fort Worth", hence the Austin answer.
Level 68
Feb 17, 2015
Fort Worth is nearly always considered part of the Dallas area. Their two central business districts are a mere 20 miles apart, and the entire area between them is urbanized except for the Trinity River floodplain. The major airport there is named Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The two cities economies and cultures are tightly integrated, and people regularly commute between the two on a daily basis. That they are considered one metropolis is pretty common knowledge, and even if you don't know that, typing "Fort Worth" and realizing it doesn't work should be enough to push you in the right direction.
Level 87
Aug 8, 2018
It's a little over 30 miles, similar to Washington and Baltimore, which are more densely built up.
Level 71
Jan 31, 2020
But it doesn't accept Guangzhou, but insists that we have to type Shenzhen in. And they are also commonly thought of as the same city.
Level 75
Dec 8, 2014
Also, El Paso's urban area population is 830,000 - and that's being generous, because that "urban area" includes 4500 sq miles of surrounding rural land. The only way to get past a million population is to note that its urban area, when twinned with Las Cruces' urban area, forms El Paso–Las Cruces Combined Statistical Area - basically two cities 50 miles apart, grouped together statistically for no reason anyone can think of. So, my suggestion for the Ciudad Juarez answer would be Phoenix.
Level 83
Feb 17, 2015
Are there people within those 50 miles that commute 25 miles (or 50) in either direction to go to work? I know that's sometimes how urban area is defined.
Level 87
Aug 8, 2018
Then Portland, Maine has an "urban" area of 800,000. If you've ever been there, you know that isn't the adjective you're looking for.
Level 87
Aug 8, 2018
Juarez and El Paso obviously exist in the middle of the desert emptiness directly staring at each other, because of each other. Looking across the treeless landscape or watching the thriving bridge traffic, calling them separate urban areas defies all logic.
Level 55
Apr 22, 2022
Yeah, my first guess was Phoenix. If you're not going to accept St. Paul or Fort Worth for Minneapolis or Dallas, El Paso and Ciudad Juarez should also be considered as part of one agglomeration. A little consistency would be nice...
Level 43
Feb 17, 2015
Victoria is definitely closer to Vancouver than Seattle. Or am I thinking of the wrong Vancouver?
Level 43
Feb 17, 2015
nevermind, I didn't read the fine print at the top of the page :P
Level 83
Feb 17, 2015
I typed in Beirut! :P Must have misspelled it. Man that one was bugging me.
Level 26
Feb 17, 2015
Wow! Tough quiz. Enjoyed it though.
Level 62
Feb 17, 2015
St. Paul and Minneapolis are the Twin Cities. Any other answer is confusing. Ft. Worth and Dallas are the closest pair and the same metro.
Level ∞
Feb 21, 2015
St. Paul and Minneapolis are in the same urban area, obviously.
Level 69
Apr 11, 2016
I got all but Edmonton/Calgary and Beijing/Tianjin. Enjoyed this and I hopefully wish to see more of these appear in the future :)
Level 65
Apr 26, 2016
Great quiz. Got 18, missing Minneapolis/Milwaukee and Hong Kong/Shenzhen. I notice that no-one has bothered to fix the spelling mistake pointed out by the first comment. So can I just say that Cairo is actually spelt with a silent 'p'.
Level 87
Sep 21, 2016
Depending on how you measure the distance either city hall to city hall or edge of metropolitan area to edge of metropolitan area you get two different cities for Dallas. City hall to city hall is Austin. MSA to MSA OKC.
Level 71
Jul 22, 2017
Spelling: "Ciudad Juárez"
Level 72
Aug 1, 2019
For Hong Kong, Shenzhen is the answer, but Shenzhen is in the same urban area as Guangzhou according to the source... Can we at least make Guangzhou work, even if Shenzhen is displayed?
Level 72
Mar 5, 2021
Since uses the urban area of Guangzhou, not Shenzhen, Guangzhou shouldn't work, but should be the answer. Also Pretoria is considered part of the Johannesburg urban area for the source being used so that one should be completely eliminated.
Level 61
Dec 24, 2019
Why does Nairobi work for Kigali?
Level 57
Mar 28, 2021
Yeah I was wondering that too. Seems like it should be fixed?
Level 70
Dec 20, 2020
A lot of the cities are part of the same urban areas though, so it's very inconcistant.
Level 73
Jan 21, 2022
It would be pretty cool to see the distances with the answers. I have to imagine it would be vastly different between, say Hong Kong and its answer compared to Minneapolis and its answer
Level 50
Mar 10, 2022
Shenzen's usually lumped with Guangzhou in jetpunk, so that can be confusing, but i actually love this decision i dont really think theyre actually the same urban area