Countries with the Largest Sovereign Wealth Funds

Name the seven countries that have the largest funds owned by the national or regional government.
In USD. According to Wikipedia
Quiz by relessness
Last updated: December 12, 2019
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First submittedOctober 17, 2017
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Per Capita
2,012 bil
1,308 bil
United Arab Emirates
1,033 bil
697 bil
Saudi Arabia
556 bil
642 bil
320 bil
Level 82
May 18, 2018
This was a pretty quick quiz to complete. Norway's numbers are absurdly huge.
Level 76
May 19, 2018
They're pretty smart people, though. It's amazing that more governments don't set aside a part of their revenues for the next economic crisis. They're the ones who'll survive financial crashes and resource depletion long after everyone else is left floundering.
Level 57
Jul 29, 2018
and they have oil
Level 70
Jul 29, 2018
If the UK could get that much spare money, I think we'd spend it paying off our national debt.
Level 62
Jul 30, 2018
You're clearly not in finance, Findlay. That Norwegian "Petroleum Fund Global" is the talk of town. It's an extremely activist - as well as large - investor.
Level 47
Feb 26, 2019
Now it's called The Government Pension Fund Global to indicate that it is primarily intended for future generations, and thus reduce the temptation among politicians to spend more money than the economy can absorb.

Too high spending, and inflation will go through the roof, while the competitiveness of Norwegian trade and industry goes through the floor.

According to a wildly supported Parlaiment (Storting) decree, any government is allowed to include only a part of the yearly return of the fund in its budget. Of course, given the figures involved, that is still a sizeable amount, if international financial markets have not been released.

For further referance, see

Level 76
May 19, 2018
Kuwait is listed out of sequence.
Level 68
May 2, 2022
^ nearly four years later, it still is
Level 62
Sep 26, 2022
Or is Singapore the one listed incorrectly? I guess we'll never know...
Level 75
May 19, 2018
Except for China and Singapore, seems like significant oil and gas production, at least significantly nationally-owned; smallish (citizen) populations requiring social and physical infrastructure; and somewhere between low and incomplete levels of corruption (because if corruption was overwhelming, money wouldn't find its way into such funds)?
Level 34
May 19, 2018
I only got China and Singapore....... forgot about the Middle Eastern countries
Level 72
May 20, 2018
You know Norway isn't really that middle eastern right? Lol
Level 80
May 22, 2018
He didn't say he forgot Norway, just the Middle Eastern countries.
Level 86
Jul 29, 2018
They remembered Norway but chose not to put it down out of spite.
Level 93
May 20, 2018
uk could have been on here like norway but the government took the north sea gas revenues and spent it immediately. d'oh
Level 57
Jun 22, 2018
Great quiz! Nations over 100K per capita 1) Norway 2) Kuwait 3) UAE and 4) Qatar;
Level 69
Jul 29, 2018
Done, with plenty of time to spare. BUT - with the exception of two which seemed obvious to me, the rest were complete guesses.
Level 91
Jul 29, 2018
Most surprising result from this quiz - Norway and Singapore have almost the same exact population.
Level 41
Jul 29, 2018
Once you get one middle eastern gulf country, you pretty much get most of them
Level 65
Jul 30, 2018
And we still give foreign aid money to China...
Level 80
Jul 30, 2018
The hint 'or regional government' made me try Scotland and a few other well-off sub-national entities, so I missed Singapore...
Level 61
Oct 19, 2018
oil, oil, oil and more oil
Level 74
Nov 20, 2018
Wow, interesting idea for a quiz. Thanks!
Level 49
Sep 17, 2020
Any chance of either shaving off two minutes from the time, or alternatively adding in another few SWFs?
Level 67
Jan 30, 2023
These are the countries that should be paying for the devastation of climate breakdown.
Level 69
May 24, 2023
Y'all are seriously overestimating Norway's oil reserves.

Yes, they exist.

And they are well known.

But the hardly make the top 20 in the world.

It helps, yes. But trust me, Norway is not as rich just because of oil.

Level 78
Sep 21, 2023
Still, oil is a pretty significant factor. Many of the other industries in Norway are made possible by the oil wealth which made Norway so highly developed.
Level 69
Jul 13, 2023
The Netherlands discovered a huge underground gasfield in 1959 but decided "You know what? We'll just spend it all now and make it look like we're doing really well!" You know who else used to do that? Venezuela