Extra Hard Geography Quiz

Answer the following 20 random questions about geography.
Quiz by relessness
Last updated: September 27, 2016
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John Snow used a map to prove which disease was not spread though 'bad air'?
What is the largest island in Croatia?
What is the name of an inlet created by a drowned river valley?
What is the currency used in Venezuela?
The Meeting of the Waters is a confluence between the Amazon and which other river?
River Negro
The distance wind travels above a large body of water is called the ....
What is the name of the largest man-made lake?
Lake Kariba
In which city would you find Tullamarine Airport?
What is the largest desert in the World?
What is the name of the gap splitting the Pan American Highway between North and South America?
Darién Gap
What area of land connected Great Britain to Europe before being flooded by the North Sea?
The longest passenger non stop flight operates between Dubai and which other city?
What is the term for an isolated rock hill/mountain such as the Uluru in Australia?
What is the longest railway tunnel in the World?
Gotthard Base Tunnel
The East African Rift is splitting Africa from which other plate?
Somali Plate
Other than increasing global temperatures, carbon dioxide has caused what process in the oceans?
Ocean acidifcation
What is the name of Hong Kong's rapid transit railway system?
What is the name of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that can take place all year round?
What is the tallest mountain outside Hawaii?
Mount Teide
What is the nickname of the natural gas field in Turkmenistan which collapsed in 1971?
Door to Hell
Level 84
Sep 28, 2016
"Tallest" measured from base to summit is a controversial way to measure "tallest." There are rocks underneath the soil around Everest. Why don't they count when the rocks underneath the water around Hawaii does? Anyway might just want to put a caveat.
Level 47
Sep 28, 2016
Surely if you're going to count the rocks underneath mountains you can keep on going until you reach the mantle? I could be wrong but I always thought that tallest has meant from the base of the mountain to the top.