Most Racially Tolerant Countries

Name the countries which have the lowest percentage of people who refuse to live next to someone of another race.
according World Values Survey
Quiz by relessness
Last updated: May 17, 2013
First submittedMay 17, 2013
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United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Africa
Level 83
May 18, 2013
Great quiz. And it confirms something that I say all the time- in spite of the bad rap the US gets for being racist sometimes, in all of my very extensive travels and experience living in countries all across the globe, the United States is in fact the LEAST racist place on Earth. and Canada, very similar culturally, is a close 2nd. Other nations may talk about racial equality, but they don't demonstrate it the way the US does. How many European nations elected as president the son of a black Kenyan with Muslim roots? The reason that the US talks about race all the time is because Americans see racial equality as an issue that is actually *worth* talking about. The rest of the world has doesn't talk about it because they have systemic racism so deeply institutionalized that everyone just takes it for granted that it's "the way things are." It's out in the open and nobody really cares. I only missed Latvia, Peru, Pakistan and South Africa. Shocked about the last 2 honestly. But okay. :)
Level 68
May 18, 2013
South Africa shocked me considering Apartheid wasn't all that long ago.
Level 83
May 19, 2013
Yeah, but, I guess actually sometimes being confronted with something like that actually forces people to consider their ideas just because otherwise they can't really live. South Africa is such a diverse and mixed-up place with lots of people from many different backgrounds living side-by-side, I guess the people there are much more used to dealing with people from other "races" than other people from more homogenous countries- and they probably from this experience realize that it is not so bad. But it surprised me, too, though not as much as Pakistan. I mean... look for any news story anywhere about anything in India, and you are guaranteed to see tons of hateful things written in the comments section by bigoted Pakistanis. It's such a predictable cliche that whenever I see a CNN article about India I always think "oh boy, can't wait to read the racist flames after the article." Perhaps this is just a vocal minority, though.
Level 47
Jun 5, 2014
How many European nations elected as president the son of a black Kenyan with Muslim roots?. Well the USA does have a much larger ethnic minority population. The US, for example has 12% black population, while the UK only has 3%. Also African Americans have been in the US much longer than they have in Europe. Interestingly, there are more Hispanic than African Americans, but there hasn't been a Hispanic president.
Level 28
Feb 3, 2016
You, are, so, so.. Just never talk again please xD
Level 69
Jun 13, 2020
Still sure about that??
Level 18
Jun 4, 2013
Level 37
Mar 16, 2014
South Africa was very surprising, considering they had apartheid and the like.

The UK was a bit surprising, considering their hostility towards immigrants, especially middle eastern people. Regardless, I still guessed the Uk.

Level 68
Jun 5, 2014
South Africa kinda makes sense when you see the US and Germany on this list too. These are all countries that have actually had to deal with racism (and still do) in their cultural history.
Level 65
Jun 22, 2016
Lol are you kidding? Argentina is very racist if you're not white/of European decent.
Level 85
Jul 5, 2016
Yes, there are a few countries on this list that are definitely fooling themselves.
Level 44
Jun 22, 2017
I put pakistan in as a joke....