World Capitals By Letter - S

Try to name the national capitals that begin with the letter S.
Quiz by relessness
Last updated: February 16, 2019
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First submittedApril 21, 2014
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Sao Tome
San Marino
North America
Saint George's
Saint John's
San José
San Salvador
Santo Domingo
(South Tarawa)
South America
Level 68
May 19, 2016
Tarawa and South Tarawa are the same thing.
Level ∞
Jun 1, 2016
Okay, I changed that answer to be filled in by default.
Level 57
Aug 19, 2022
Are they, really? I don't know much about Kiribati but it looks like Tarawa is the entire island and South Tarawa is only part of it
Level 75
Aug 1, 2016
Would you accept Sri Whotheheckcanspelltherestofthis for Sri Lanka?
Level ∞
Aug 2, 2016
Just type Kotte :)
Level ∞
Feb 8, 2019
SJK works too
Level 67
Feb 13, 2020
I typed Sri Kotte, worked.
Level 60
Aug 11, 2016
its spelled as its said, quite easy when you break it down!
Level 63
Feb 14, 2017
You'd have to know the way it's said though. I always remember Sri Jayawa... Kotte. Thanks to Quizmaster for accepting Kotte. :)
Level 46
Apr 21, 2018
Well, when you get to Jayawa remember that there is the word warden in it.
Level 65
Oct 23, 2019
never really looked at the word, just, long word, but I havent really learned the capitals outside of europe,

It is quite easy when you look at it: Jay, a warden, e pura.

you can think of the "e" as "he" with an accent, or "is" for a romance language related feel. (or even "be"instead of he). And pura=pure

Anyway there is a warden called Jay and he is pure.

Level 69
Apr 7, 2020
Surely you have heard of the cricketer 'Hewasandatchige Asiri Prasanna Wishvanath Jayawardene'? (හේවාසන්දච්චිගේ ආසිරි ප්‍රසන්න විශ්වනාත් ජයවර්ධන) Hmm perhaps I am thinking of Denagamage Praboth Mahela de Silva Jayawardene instead, though there have been other cricketing Jayawardene's. Makes it simple to name the capital of the country.
Level 57
Aug 19, 2022
check out this guy with his googling skills
Level 48
Aug 2, 2016
Wow, I always thought the capital of Bolivia was La Paz.
Level 42
Aug 3, 2016
Two capitals, or something like that.....
Level 37
May 6, 2023
it is, but it's also la pay
Level 37
Jul 30, 2017
Level 65
Oct 23, 2019
hmm for north america I should just think George john and Jose were saved by the lord. I got none of those, but I think I can remember all of them now.
Level 65
Feb 11, 2020
I didnt haha, but had such a blackout also forgot singapore and sofia...
Level 50
Feb 10, 2020
Why would you fill in south tarawa and not sucre?
Level 57
Feb 10, 2020
just do sri jay-war-dene-pura-kotte and add an e after the jay. you will get sri jayewardenepura kotte.
Level 68
Feb 10, 2020
I never heard about the " 's " even on google maps