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Quiz by lizziedown
Last updated: February 3, 2014
First submittedFebruary 3, 2014
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Harry's first sample of Hagrid's cooking
Rock cake
Who shared Harry's first kiss?
Cho Chang
The name of Hermione's pet cat
The name of Ginny's pygmy puff
A Minister of Magic: ________ Fudge
Where does Harry organise his secret Defence Against the Dark Arts group?
Room of Requirement
Tom Riddle's middle name
Who is the half-blood prince?
Severus Snape
What spell unlocks doors?
What spell causes temporary deafness?
What is Harry's middle name?
What position does Harry play in quidditch?
What position does Ron play in quidditch?
The golden snitch reads: "I open at the ______"
Professor Trelawney teaches:
Level 71
Apr 23, 2014
Expert? None of these are even remotely difficult, no offence.
Level 81
Apr 23, 2014
Haha, we're clearly just Harry Potter masters! :)
Level 13
Jul 11, 2014
Agreed. This quiz is a little too easy. Also, please can you accept rock buns as well. Good quiz : )
Level 34
Dec 16, 2014
Harry's first sample of Hagrid's cooking was the sausages he made when Hagrid broke down the door of that hut on the rock in the sea where the Dursleys and Harry stayed after trying to get away from the owls delivering the letters.
Level 26
Dec 2, 2018
I disagree. His first taste of Hagrid's cooking was the birthday cake Hagrid made for his 11th birthday - given to him in The Hut On The Rock.

"I've got something for yer here. I might have sat on it at some point. But it'll taste alright".

Level 27
May 13, 2015
could you accept alohamora too?
Level 80
Jun 16, 2015
I thought he organised the DA in the Hog's Head in Hogsmeade? Or was that not the sense of the question?
Level 13
Mar 22, 2016
They had their meetings there but they practiced in The Room of Requirement :)
Level 15
Jul 20, 2016
Yeah it would be nice if the question was changed to where the meetings were actually held. I think it might make a bit more sense that way.
Level 30
Jun 11, 2016
2:43 left
Level 15
Jul 20, 2016
Muffliato does not cause temporary deafness, it just causes the people around the caster to have an unidentifiable buzzing in their ears.