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40,1512019-06-10 U.S. Cities With Spanish Names
2,9762014-07-07Medical Terms in Groups of Three
8372014-01-26Countries With The Most Tennis Players
7402014-02-18US Cities With A Native American Name
6772014-02-16All Time Top Ten NBA Centers
5472014-03-18Foods of the World Syllable Word Puzzle
5462014-01-28Top Animals That Kill in Africa
4442014-02-10Top NBA Players That Didn't Go To College
3292014-04-12Longest Running US TV Shows
3162014-02-06Countries With Most Natural Disaster Deaths( 2001-2011)
2872014-03-18US Cities With At Least Four Syllables
2812014-02-12How To Say I Love You In Different Languages
2632014-02-10Black And White Things
2362017-12-23#1 top selling christmas toys by year
2162014-09-05Words With Two or More Double Letters
1662014-06-23Celebrity Famous Exes
1612014-11-27How To Say Thank You In Different Languages
1272014-05-05Tennis Quiz
1162014-01-22Countries With The Best Gender Equality
1082014-01-27Biggest Super Bowl Ad Spenders
822014-03-18Movies Where Women Rule the Big Screen
752014-05-28Things That Come In Pairs
732014-01-23Oldest Active NBA Players 2013-14 Season
712014-11-27Words That Come Before or After #3
672014-02-06Countries With The Most Immigrants
582014-02-09Words That Start With EM
582014-08-28Starts With The Word Free
552014-02-05Internet Based Businesses
542014-11-27Word That Comes Before Or After
502014-02-05Words That Start With EC
502014-05-11Letters and Numbers Quiz
492014-01-27All Time NBA Steals Leaders
432014-01-28Words That Start With Car
412014-02-03Words That Start With EX
382014-02-12Words That End In X
362014-01-27All Time NBA Assist Leaders
292014-02-05Most Expensive Things
262014-01-27All Time NBA Rebound Leaders
162014-01-162013 Headliners Quiz
82014-01-20name the TV cartoon
52014-11-27Word That Comes Before Or After #2