Really Hard Geography Questions

Try…to answer these outrageously difficult geography questions
Quiz by manchesterutd10
Last updated: January 15, 2015
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First submittedJanuary 10, 2014
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What mountainous Asian country is very close to the size of Texas?
The city of Nieuw-Nickerie is the capital of the Nickerie district in what South American country?
The Okavango Delta is one of the world's largest inland deltas in which country?
What Polynesian island located north of New Zealand in the Pacific, is sometimes referred to as the "Rock of Polynesia"?
Calypso music, characterized by rhythmic vocals, can be traced to which Caribbean nation?
Trinidad and Tobago
Which African country is named after the Namib desert, one of the oldest in the world?
Which island in the Pacific Ocean, displays it's ornamental tree on it's flag, which also serves as it's main export?
Norfolk Islands
What is the only country in Central America that has English as its main language?
The Neman River drains into the Curonian lagoon in which Baltic country?
Jacob Roggeveen was an explorer who is credited for naming what mystical island based on the day at which he first saw it?
Easter Island
What is one of the poorest, and least populous province in Laos?
New Hampshire, a New England state, borders which Canadian province?
The Iguazu River is the main tributary of what South American river?
Parana River
North of Khartoum the Nile is known as what?
White Nile
Lake Iskanderkul, a glacial mountain lake, is located in the Sughd Province of which Asian country?
What is the most frequently spoken foreign language in Mongolia?
What Israeli city has the second largest economy in the Middle East after Dubai?
Tel Aviv
The coat of arms of Greenland contains what mammal whose species include sun and polar?
What is the smallest Canadian province in terms of population?
Prince Edward Island
Kuressaare is the capital of Saaremaa, an island of what country?
The Epic of Manas is a poem dating back to the 18th century whose 40 warriors gave inspiration to the flag of which Asian country?
What is the most populous city in the well known Ring of Fire?
Titograd is the former name of what Balkan capital?
What city in central Croatia is located at the intersection of the Kupa, Sava, and Odra rivers?
What is the longest river in Poland?
Vistula River
Xalapa is the capital city of the state of Veracruz in what country?
The city of Nuuk is on the side of Greenland that borders which strait?
Davis Strait
The Indus River flood plain is near what large coastal city?
Hyderabad is a city whose history includes being ruled by what dynasty?
Qutb Shahi
What is the smallest country on the Horn of Africa?
The Ptolemaic Kings received war elephants from what present day nation in the Horn of Africa?
Anguilla is an overseas territory of what European nation?
United Kingdom
What Russian cities lies on the Gulf of Finland?
St. Petersburg
The Aburra Valley is one of the most northernmost parts of the Andes Moutain range and home to the second biggest city in Colombia. Name that city.
The Guayas River flows through the largest city in Ecuador, which is?
Memphis is a large city in Tennessee and also a city in what country?
Hadrian's Wall is a much visited monument in the UK. It was built by Roman emperor Hadrian during the 1st century. Hadrian also rebuilt the famous Panthenon, located in which modern-day city?
The Rupiah is a variation of the currency Rupee, similar to the ones used in Pakistan and India. The variation is used as a name for currency in which country?
If you were to go west from Helsinki, the way the crow flies, eventually you would hit the Aland Islands, situated at the lower portion of what gulf?
Gulf of Bothnia
Level 86
Mar 8, 2014
needs more time! very difficult quiz
Level 50
Mar 12, 2014
Man, this quiz is ridiculous in timing. I have only reached half of it and I saw I have 20 seconds left.

And also Lithuania is not an Eastern European state - bad tip. It is a Baltic State.

Level 55
Mar 12, 2014
Sorry about time...everything fixed!
Level 28
Apr 5, 2014
Norfolk Islands are in the Tasman Sea, not the Indian Ocean
Level 67
May 14, 2014
Panthenon should be Pantheon.
Level 68
Oct 6, 2014
I got 30.... this quiz lives up to its name, needless to say.
Level 65
Oct 10, 2014
Since Nile is already mentioned in the question it seems redundant to have to say White Nile. Could you accept just White?
Level 43
Oct 13, 2014
Norfolk Island is in the Pacific Ocean, not the Indian Ocean. *~*
Level 64
Nov 19, 2014
I managed once I learnt Qutb shahi and Guayaquil
Level 80
Dec 18, 2014
Norfolk Island is in the Pacific or the Tasman Sea, but definitely not the Indian Ocean.
Level 64
Jan 14, 2015
Please correct the error about Norfolk Island being in the Indian Ocean

Put in Christmas Island at least it's on the north western side of Australia

ie Indian Ocean........

Change the connection regarding the flag though.

Level 64
Jan 15, 2015
Thanks for fixing Norfolk islands location.
Level 80
Mar 13, 2015
PEI should be accepted for Prince Edward Island
Level 60
Jun 9, 2020
Level 32
May 22, 2015
Aren't Yukon and Nunavut less populate than Price Edward Island?
Level 69
Jun 12, 2015
Indeed they are! But the question asked for a province; Yukon and Nunavut are territories, a territory being a less autonomous subdivision.
Level 46
Nov 14, 2015
The Qutb Shahi were not the only dynasty to rule Hyderabad. Although that is not indicated, it is somewhat confusing. See more about the history of Hyderabad on Wikipedia:
Level 59
Mar 19, 2016
Could you accept Qutub Shahi? I tried Asaf Jahi, Qutub Shahi and Kakatiyas, and none worked.
Level 30
Jan 8, 2018
you should say "and ancient large city" because Memphis Egypt no longer exists; it was replaced by Giza.
Level 76
Feb 3, 2019
The White Nile is South of Khartoum, not north of it. North of Khartoum is simply the Nile.
Level 77
Dec 28, 2021
Kahikatea is right. The Blue and White Nile meet at Khartoum. This still needs correcting, more than two years on.
Level 70
May 8, 2019
Could you accept pei as well as prince edward island?
Level 57
Aug 21, 2019
ugh, got 38/39, missed qutb
Level 50
Jan 28, 2020
Love the quiz. Got 29
Level 57
Aug 4, 2021
Sick quiz, however you must include PEI for Prince Edward Island, as a Canadian I thought you made a mistake and started going through territories and the rest of the provinces before I figured it out
Level 87
Feb 2, 2022
Brilliant, do some more like this!
Level 73
Dec 6, 2022
Can you accept 'white' as a type in for white nile?