Really Hard Geography Questions #4

Quiz by manchesterutd10
Last updated: January 19, 2017
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What was Burkina Faso's former name?
Upper Volta
Ellsmere is the tenth largest what in the world?
After Warsaw, which city has the biggest Polish population?
The only royal palace used by a monarch in the US is located where?
Tokelau has more people than what country?
Vatican City
What is the world capital that has the smallest population?
After Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand, what is the most populous country in Oceania?
Orote Point is the westernmost point of what country?
United States
Kapingaramangi is a part of what country?
Liechtenstein is referred to as "doubly landlocked". This means it is landlocked, and is bordered by only landlocked countries. What is the only other "doubly landlocked" country?
What is the second biggest ethnic group in Armernia?
What is the largest ancestry group in Michigan, USA?
Hiri Motu and Tok Pisin are main languages in which country?
Papua New Guinea
Saskatchewan is a part of which country?
Bahr el Ghazal is a part of which country?
South Sudan
Transnistria is a disputed region of which country?
The Dahlak Archipelago is known for it's pearls, and is a part of what country?
The Great Bitter lake is part of what?
Suez Canal
The Castle of Almourol lies on the banks on what river?
Tagus River
Huehuetenango is one of the 22 departments of what country?
The majority of the Humboldt Current lies off the coast of what country?
Kupang is the largest city on what sea?
Savu Sea
Zheng He was a fleet admiral during what Chinese dynasty?
Ming Dynasty
What is the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh?
Where were the 1924 Winter Olympics held?
Abshir Ata and Barskoon are two examples of what in Kyrgyzstan?
What body of water separates Chile from the Chiloe Islands?
Gulf of Ancud
The United Arab Emirates are separated into what?
Salt is an agricultural and administrative city in what country?
What is a triangular peninsula in Egypt that borders the Red Sea?
Sinai Peninsula
Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, is located on what island?
Grand Terre
How many world capitals begin with "m"?
What is the major city on the Manzanares River?
Nu'uuli is the second biggest city where?
American Samoa
Hilsa, or Ilish, is the national fish of what country?
What mountain range is Sochi located in?
What is the world's tallest mountain, not above sea level?
Mauna Kea
How many counties does Chicago have?
The Biltmore, a large house in the Vanderbilt family, is in which state?
North Carolina
Level 56
Mar 2, 2014
More really hard geography questions!
Level 67
Mar 3, 2014
1924 Summer Olympics was held in Paris
Level 56
Mar 3, 2014
My bad. Chamonix was the winter. Thanks!
Level 67
Mar 16, 2014
Would it be possible to please fix the time? I thought this would be 7:00 like the other quiz of the series, and then realized only halfway through that I had only seconds left. Had to refresh the page to confirm that I wasn't getting slow and that this one was only 4:00.
Level 48
Apr 24, 2014
Aw, don't you like a challenge?
Level 44
Apr 24, 2014
got 16/24 sucked it
Level 44
Aug 2, 2014
I'm confused by the "How many counties does Chicago have?" question. Please explain??
Level 64
Jan 14, 2015
Please correct the spelling of Ngerulmud.

This request has already been made by another participant.

thanks in advance Je suis Charlie!

Level 64
Feb 7, 2015
Where did the monitor of this quiz go?

Corrections like the capital of Palau... Ngerulmud

or whatever it is still waiting to be corrected.

Level 37
Apr 12, 2015
Just wondering: When I typed Australia, United States popped up in the Orote Point question. Is this an error or is there a reason?
Level 74
Jul 16, 2016
Very cool quiz. Hard, but interesting. At least I got Almourol right. Too many hours on the train to Lisbon
Level 72
Jan 19, 2017
Please correct also, the guatemalan province is spelled HUEHUETENANGO


Level 63
Aug 4, 2017
It's Armenia, not Armernia.

Please correct this!

Level 57
Aug 21, 2019
25/39, very challenging!
Level 57
Jul 4, 2020
Armenia is misspelled Armenia in a question
Level 82
May 5, 2021
Mauna Kea is certainly above sea level