The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time Quiz

How much do you know about OoT?
Quiz by stervens
Last updated: December 22, 2014
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What species does Link think he is at the beginning of the game?
Who is the guardian of the forest?
The Great Deku Tree
What fairy boy blocks your path more than once?
How much does a deku shield cost?
40 Rupees
What is the first enemy you fight?
Deku Baba
What sequence of numbers do you need to know to reach Queen Gohma?
2, 3, 1
What is the first song you learn?
Zelda's Lullaby
What is the name of the girl at Lon Lon Ranch?
Where can you find Ingo as a kid?
Who is Zelda's caretaker?
What is the name of the dog you need to find in Hyrule Town Centre?
What is the spiritual stone of fire called?
Goron's Ruby
Who is the boss of Dodongo's Cavern?
King Dodongo
What song can you learn in the mill in Kakariko Village?
Song of Storms
Who is the guardian God of the Zoras?
Lord Jabu-Jabu
What is hidden behind the waterfall in Zora's Domain?
Piece of Heart
Where do you retrieve the Ocarina of Time?
What power does the Great Fairy near Hyrule Castle give you?
Din's Fire
What mask do you give to the guard in Kakariko Village?
Keaton Mask
Who is the Sage of Light?
Who gives you the hookshot?
Who are the mini bosses of the Forest Temple?
Poe Sisters
What is the Goron special crop?
Bomb Flowers
Who is the boss of the Fire Temple?
What do you need in order to get into the Water Temple?
Iron Boots
What do you get if you shoot an arrow into the sun?
Fire Arrows
How much does the heaviest fish you can catch weigh?
35 Pounds
What song teleports you to the Shadow Temple?
Nocturne of Shadow
What item lets you see invisible things?
Lens of Truth
Who are the prisoners of the Gerudo?
Who is the Sage of Spirit?
What are the names of the Twinrova Sisters?
Kotake and Koume
Who gives you the Light Arrows?
Princess Zelda
Who has the Triforce of Courage?
Who has the Triforce of Power?
Who has the Triforce of Wisdom?
Princess Zelda
With which sword do you "deliver the final blow"
Master Sword
Where is Ganondorf sent to after he is defeated?
Sacred Realm
In your menu, what is displayed underneath your bomb bag?
Goron Bracelet
What game is a Direct Sequel to Ocarina of Time?
Majora's Mask
Level 29
Feb 26, 2018
Awesome quiz! Best Zelda game!
Level 46
Sep 10, 2018
According to 99 percent of all human beings on earth, its the best game to have ever been created in the history of forever. Personally, I didn't like it after Gerudo Fortress, so my favourite Zelda is Minish Cap, however I can't say it's a bad game, mostly because I did enjoy it and slightly because 99 percent of the population of human beings on earth will tear me to pieces if I say something negative about it.
Level 59
Apr 13, 2020
My favourite Zelda game is Majora's Mask. But I pretty much like all games in the series.
Level 53
May 28, 2023
I'm pretty sure Ganondorf was banished to the "void between the realms".